Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Introduction to the May to November 2014 Students

I was asked to teach one of the bags that Theo never taught while we were in Canada,
but he ended up doing most of the teaching anyway!
Here are the students that completed the bag! (only one student is missing of the 25).
Next week they will be starting their sewing tests.
They have six items to make in 4 weeks, and two of the items have to fit themselves.
On November 7 there will be a graduation for them.
Praising the Lord for a great teacher!
Theophile has done a great job in teaching without us.
There are a few things that I'd like to teach him in regards to
a button up shirt and pants.
Uniforms are an important part of life and every student wants to know how to make them.
Collars, buttonholes, the fly and crotch area are a few items that need attention.
So when graduation is over Theo and I are going to do some fine tuning on those areas
while Peter checks out all the machines.

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