Sunday, October 12, 2014

Ah Power and Sheila

What an exciting couple of days we've had!!!
 We had a experience with our lights friday night which caused us to turn everything off.
This has happened more than once since we've returned.
I mean when the above happens, you begin to wonder if you are safe!
So we were without lights all night.
Exciting for the guard.
One phone call before bed, caused some action in the morning!
We had two guys come and one stayed till the EWSA technician arrived.
(Energy, Water, and Sanitation Association)
Repairs made and we have 'safe' power!!!

We also have been visited by unwanted visitors over the back fence.
They are stealing our garbage, that we can't get rid of by burning - things like florescent lights and fixtures and pieces of old tin roofing. Alphonsine had worked all morning in the garden and went inside to clean up and someone came over the back fence and she caught him. A 10 year old she said. Told him to give back the tin and he did, only to take it the next day when she wasn't looking!

Saturday, friends of ours come to visit (sorry no pics of the Merrild's!)
and they brought their two dogs - well one is just a pup their son found outside their yard.
 It was decided that Sheila would stay with us for a trial period.
So far she has just enjoyed being here in our big yard.
She will have to be taught not to put fear in the lives of the hens with the 12 chicks, 
and already she seems to be doing okay!
She's accepted the guard and the guard accepted her.
Yes that's Peter in the background digging out his "Horse Pit"!
We've been here for 1 1/2 months and now he's getting to it.

Well, last night was the first night for Sheila!
She barked once before midnight, around 2:30am and wasn't gone in the morning!
I think she fits in just fine!

Yep, we have a dog named Sheila.
(Keep wanting, and do, to call her 'Lucy' -
Kirk, Candace, Keelyn, Kiersten, Conner, or Katie Anne
- would you know why?)

running water,
stable power (well okay sort of),
safe yard,
beautiful sunshine,
Thanksgiving weekend,
garbage gone,
what more could you ask for!

Husband cooking breakfast!!!

Okay, I'm good!

Thank you God once again for looking after us!

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