Friday, September 5, 2014

Welcome Home

We have had a few days of visitors. 
Our first visitors were the day we got back to our home in Nyagatare -
 we had a great time with Alex & Eppy. 
Saturday the Merrild's came. 
They brought cake and a loaf of bread that Jacquie their house girl made - Fiona has taught her well. 
We attended church on Sunday, 
and on Monday and Tuesday we were at the school and visited the Preschool and Primary 1 classes.
A few pics.
The welcome home cake that survived the heat as they walked part way to our house!
Jacquie and Alphonsine are sister's - both now working as house girls and doing a great job of it too!
Fiona and her children and Jacquie.
The Merrild's leaving our house to head home.
Alphonsine and I sharing a moto that took us up the hill to the church on Sunday.
The church looked so smart!
Everyone from all the three churches were so glad to see us, as we were them!
 The sewing classes are doing great.
Primary 1 class.
and their building, the front needs finishing.
Baby class - ages 3 to 4, - no desks yet.
Middle class - ages 4 to 5 - dirt floor, wooden shutters & door - need replacing.
Top class - ages 5 to 6, dirt floor, wooden shutter & door - need replacing.
The outside of the Preschool (Top, Middle, Baby) needs the pillars and cement walk.
Toilet hole dug - needs covering and building put on it.
The visual of the toilet hole and the distance to the Preshcool, 
in between will be the playground and soccer field.

Above is to let you know of some needs.
These are some of the ones that we were made aware of since our return.
We have noticed that there were improvements to the buildings 
and were encouraged to see progress had happened while we were gone.
Our staff here have done a great job, of what we've seen so far and we want to continue to help this community have the chance to educate their children and themselves.
Let us know how you can help or just send in money to the address in the tab above under
Ashes To Worship Ministry (Rwanda)

God has been so good and 
we know that He wants us to be a part of this that is happening in this community 


  1. Thanks for showing pictures of the school. I am so thankful that those children will have an education. I can't believe there are so many children that aren't enrolled due to lack of funds for the uniforms, transportation, etc. So glad to see that there are as many there are attending. Now to get building the next classrooms for these kids to go on to the next grade. Praying. All children everywhere should have an opportunity to learn.

  2. I think it's especially important that girls and women get an education!! I think it would change the entire world.....empower women!! You are doing your part, and we are happy to be a part of that!!!