Sunday, September 14, 2014

VIsitors Horseshoes Eggs Market Receipts

 Peter had picked up some info from the Saskatchewan University 
when we were in Canada and brought it over. 
Jonas and Moses came to visit at the same time and so 
Peter showed them around the website for the university.
 Then a try at Horseshoes - yes he brought his horseshoes over.
With such a big yard and a need to play a game or too it was hard to resist!
An late afternoon of taking the kernels off the cob with our guard Papa Wayla (not to sure on the spelling) and shelling groundnuts - peanuts to roast.
 Our hens have started setting on 24 eggs. 
Then our rooster that was with them was stole one night by a thief,
after he tied the door shut on the guard house with the guard inside. 
Oops, that will not happen again!

Friends - David & Mirjam and daughter Desire - from Kigali 
came to spend time with us and to get away from the city, always welcome here.
Mirjam had me help her with a new baby carrier - she is due with their second in Dec.
We went to the market on Thursday and found out that they had changed to the new facility.
Old market was a bit bare.
The pics above are much more crowded with people 
and all the booths are open on previous "market days".
So sad to see it go.

Goodbye pics of our visitors!
Love it that we can have friends over to stay awhile.

We had an issue with the EWSA (Energy Water & Sanitation Authority),
where they said we owed them money.
Thankful we had all our receipts (even if they were in Canada)
and were able to prove that we had paid in full!
Thanks to Leona for sending a pdf of the needed info!

I'm hoping that in the next week I will be able to get through all the garments that the 25 current students have sewn up for me to see. They each have 6 items that they sewed while we were in Canada and want me to mark them so that they can improve their skill. I've been very impressed with their ability already and am sure that all of them will graduate.
We have 3 guys taking the course this time - very impressive!

The rainy season started in September and the seeds have all been planted.
Been dry for about 4 days, but is sprinkling now as I write this - hope more than just a sprinkle happens though - those little new sprouts need more than that.
Our HUGE water tank has a leak! The water is just draining away. We can't see where the leak is so it will have to be drained and then checked and fixed. Good thing this has happened during the rainy season so that it can be filled again fairly quickly. Didn't realize how much we used that water!

God is good!
Even with the robbery, no one was hurt.
We are Praising Him for His protection.
Thankful for friends and family.
Thankful for those who are willing to learn more about Him and sewing.
Thankful for another growing season.
Thankful also for His provision for us.

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