Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sick Day Events

Replaced hose - insides need replacing.
checking sewers
A little clogged!
Planting Crown of Thorns along fence!
Butter Pecan cake mix Pancakes
Tasted as good as they looked - but didn't agree with me (sad face)
Mound on outside of fence in adjoining lot owned by our landlord.
Too easy for people to get over to our side.
 These events all happened Monday and Tuesday while I was home sick.
Joseph the maintenance man came and worked on the sewer and bathroom.
Alphonsine and I did the flowers,
and I hired a guy that stopped on the road to remove the mound.
So we now have a shower drain that drains,
a kitchen sink that drains,
and hopefully a couple of walls that are going to be a bit harder to get over!
A lot of sweat poured off our bodies these last few days.
In between times I've been reading a classic - hard to put down,
"The Count of Monte Cristo"
by Alexandre Dumas
got to love those old books.
Praising God for health!
Thanking Him for healthy workers!

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