Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Gisenyi Trip

OH, what a long bus ride we had. We left later than we usually do from Nyagatare - 8 AM, and didn't get into Kigali till 11:30 - 3 1/2 hrs. - usually takes 2 1/2 hrs. Then we used the wonderful squatties and hop another bus to Gisenyi. Another 3 1/2 hrs.  Caught a moto to Bethany Guesthouse - a nice stay and also has the Doll house (place where ladies sew dolls and bags and other things for sale) right there in their compound!
A lily growing in the path of lava rock and stones - so beautiful.
We went for a walk Sunday afternoon down to the beach to find a couple of places and were resting in the shade, a lady comes with her 3 children saying that they would like a picture with us. So she uses her phone and I give her mine to take one too. (have forgotten the names already!)
These Crown of Thorns are gorgeous! I hope mine grow to be like this.
An amusing painting on wall!
Went to Thai Jazz for dinner.
We ordered and then waited and waited.....
Peter - waiting - even after playing games on his ipod
The scene was beautiful
This tree was awesome!
Loved the 'leaves'!
Gorgeous plants!
Lovely shady entrance!
It was a beautiful, relaxing place to be, and I'd go there again, just to have drinks.
(But not a meal - just tooooo long of a wait!)
(Electricity plays a big part in getting a meal on time!)

Next morning we headed to No. 41 just out of Gisenyi - a sewing place for ladies who earn money for their family or for their education and for feeding the children at the orphanage. A great place! Second time I've been there - Peter's first. Enjoy talking with Amy and seeing their products.
Check their blog out No. 41 .
From there we headed to Kigali for some shopping and the evening and the next day's doctor appointment - which was good.
We are home now.
All the police on the road have caused the bus drivers to slow down
and that makes for a longer but safer trip home!
Enough traveling for a while.
Need to finish the grading as the sewing students will be starting their sewing tests Oct. 6th!

Thank you Lord for blessing us once again.

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