Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Gisenyi Trip

OH, what a long bus ride we had. We left later than we usually do from Nyagatare - 8 AM, and didn't get into Kigali till 11:30 - 3 1/2 hrs. - usually takes 2 1/2 hrs. Then we used the wonderful squatties and hop another bus to Gisenyi. Another 3 1/2 hrs.  Caught a moto to Bethany Guesthouse - a nice stay and also has the Doll house (place where ladies sew dolls and bags and other things for sale) right there in their compound!
A lily growing in the path of lava rock and stones - so beautiful.
We went for a walk Sunday afternoon down to the beach to find a couple of places and were resting in the shade, a lady comes with her 3 children saying that they would like a picture with us. So she uses her phone and I give her mine to take one too. (have forgotten the names already!)
These Crown of Thorns are gorgeous! I hope mine grow to be like this.
An amusing painting on wall!
Went to Thai Jazz for dinner.
We ordered and then waited and waited.....
Peter - waiting - even after playing games on his ipod
The scene was beautiful
This tree was awesome!
Loved the 'leaves'!
Gorgeous plants!
Lovely shady entrance!
It was a beautiful, relaxing place to be, and I'd go there again, just to have drinks.
(But not a meal - just tooooo long of a wait!)
(Electricity plays a big part in getting a meal on time!)

Next morning we headed to No. 41 just out of Gisenyi - a sewing place for ladies who earn money for their family or for their education and for feeding the children at the orphanage. A great place! Second time I've been there - Peter's first. Enjoy talking with Amy and seeing their products.
Check their blog out No. 41 .
From there we headed to Kigali for some shopping and the evening and the next day's doctor appointment - which was good.
We are home now.
All the police on the road have caused the bus drivers to slow down
and that makes for a longer but safer trip home!
Enough traveling for a while.
Need to finish the grading as the sewing students will be starting their sewing tests Oct. 6th!

Thank you Lord for blessing us once again.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sick Day Events

Replaced hose - insides need replacing.
checking sewers
A little clogged!
Planting Crown of Thorns along fence!
Butter Pecan cake mix Pancakes
Tasted as good as they looked - but didn't agree with me (sad face)
Mound on outside of fence in adjoining lot owned by our landlord.
Too easy for people to get over to our side.
 These events all happened Monday and Tuesday while I was home sick.
Joseph the maintenance man came and worked on the sewer and bathroom.
Alphonsine and I did the flowers,
and I hired a guy that stopped on the road to remove the mound.
So we now have a shower drain that drains,
a kitchen sink that drains,
and hopefully a couple of walls that are going to be a bit harder to get over!
A lot of sweat poured off our bodies these last few days.
In between times I've been reading a classic - hard to put down,
"The Count of Monte Cristo"
by Alexandre Dumas
got to love those old books.
Praising God for health!
Thanking Him for healthy workers!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

VIsitors Horseshoes Eggs Market Receipts

 Peter had picked up some info from the Saskatchewan University 
when we were in Canada and brought it over. 
Jonas and Moses came to visit at the same time and so 
Peter showed them around the website for the university.
 Then a try at Horseshoes - yes he brought his horseshoes over.
With such a big yard and a need to play a game or too it was hard to resist!
An late afternoon of taking the kernels off the cob with our guard Papa Wayla (not to sure on the spelling) and shelling groundnuts - peanuts to roast.
 Our hens have started setting on 24 eggs. 
Then our rooster that was with them was stole one night by a thief,
after he tied the door shut on the guard house with the guard inside. 
Oops, that will not happen again!

Friends - David & Mirjam and daughter Desire - from Kigali 
came to spend time with us and to get away from the city, always welcome here.
Mirjam had me help her with a new baby carrier - she is due with their second in Dec.
We went to the market on Thursday and found out that they had changed to the new facility.
Old market was a bit bare.
The pics above are much more crowded with people 
and all the booths are open on previous "market days".
So sad to see it go.

Goodbye pics of our visitors!
Love it that we can have friends over to stay awhile.

We had an issue with the EWSA (Energy Water & Sanitation Authority),
where they said we owed them money.
Thankful we had all our receipts (even if they were in Canada)
and were able to prove that we had paid in full!
Thanks to Leona for sending a pdf of the needed info!

I'm hoping that in the next week I will be able to get through all the garments that the 25 current students have sewn up for me to see. They each have 6 items that they sewed while we were in Canada and want me to mark them so that they can improve their skill. I've been very impressed with their ability already and am sure that all of them will graduate.
We have 3 guys taking the course this time - very impressive!

The rainy season started in September and the seeds have all been planted.
Been dry for about 4 days, but is sprinkling now as I write this - hope more than just a sprinkle happens though - those little new sprouts need more than that.
Our HUGE water tank has a leak! The water is just draining away. We can't see where the leak is so it will have to be drained and then checked and fixed. Good thing this has happened during the rainy season so that it can be filled again fairly quickly. Didn't realize how much we used that water!

God is good!
Even with the robbery, no one was hurt.
We are Praising Him for His protection.
Thankful for friends and family.
Thankful for those who are willing to learn more about Him and sewing.
Thankful for another growing season.
Thankful also for His provision for us.

Friday, September 5, 2014

September Update

Dear Supporters,

Well, our time in Canada is finished! We flew out August 25th from Buffalo, New York and landed in Kigali, Rwanda on August 26th.

Our trip is one we will always remember. We have many memories with our children and grandchildren and families. We have met old friends and reminisced of the past. We have made new friends which we pray will continue well into the future.

We want to thank all of you that helped us out while we stayed in the USA and in Canada. Those that gave us a bed to sleep in, those of you that fed us (so much so that we gained many pounds/kilos that caused the Rwandans to tell us we are 'fat', which in their culture is a compliment – now we have to work harder to get it off - for two reasons: a: it isn't quite as healthy as they believe it is, b: we don't fit our clothes!), also those of you who helped with expenses of traveling and the vehicles that were provided for our use while there, and the many gifts that were donated, not only to us, but to the ministry. Also, thanks to the many churches and homes for giving us an opportunity to share about the ministry. Many, many thanks to all of you for your generosity!

We want to also thank those who have been praying for us and who have given to help raise funds needed to continue the ministry in Rwanda. We need to continue to meet the present needs of paying our staff and continuing to build the Sewing School and the Preschool and Primary School.
We will continue our work in obedience to our Lord. We are praying about where the ministry goes from here. Some of the things we have been thinking about, and in fact have considered, is that the graduates of the sewing school are wanting to learn more, so the opportunity to do advanced sewing classes are very possible. Also to continue building the pre/primary school we have started already. The goal is to build it up from P1 to P6 classrooms (grade 1 to grade 6). And starting a new sewing school in a poorer village farther off the main road, where many of the adults cannot read or write their own language, and where the children do not have a school close by to attend. We would love to see in the future a pre/primary school for those children. Then, the men in the area are in need of a skill or trade to learn. We want to start something in that department.

How can you help us over the next two years? You can pray, give, come, or send.
- Pray for the work, for our team, for us as a couple, and for Rwanda in general. For yourselves and the work God has for you to do.

- You can give towards our personal monthly support, or you can give towards the monthly support of our ministry 'Ashes To Worship'. We need to raise our personal support by about $500.00, and our ministry support needs to be at about $2,000.00 a month. God is good, pray with us for 50 people to give $50.00 each a month and that will meet a very big need. We know that this is possible.

- We would love groups and individuals to come and visit, and help out for a week or so.

- Maybe you cannot come yourself, but you could help send someone else to bring you back a report on what they have seen. If your youth/adults in your church would like to come, send us an email and start talking with us and we will work with you in making it happen.

Again we want to say thank you, for your part in reaching Rwanda with the complete gospel of Jesus Christ, through building into every aspect of their lives - physically, mentally, spiritually, economically, and reaching their own community with the good news of Jesus Christ.

We were very encouraged in our trip to Canada/USA and feel that we have a great team supporting us from there. We will let the Rwandan's know how big a part you play in their lives because of your support to the ministry.

God bless, and we hope to see some of you in Africa over the next two years.

Welcome Home

We have had a few days of visitors. 
Our first visitors were the day we got back to our home in Nyagatare -
 we had a great time with Alex & Eppy. 
Saturday the Merrild's came. 
They brought cake and a loaf of bread that Jacquie their house girl made - Fiona has taught her well. 
We attended church on Sunday, 
and on Monday and Tuesday we were at the school and visited the Preschool and Primary 1 classes.
A few pics.
The welcome home cake that survived the heat as they walked part way to our house!
Jacquie and Alphonsine are sister's - both now working as house girls and doing a great job of it too!
Fiona and her children and Jacquie.
The Merrild's leaving our house to head home.
Alphonsine and I sharing a moto that took us up the hill to the church on Sunday.
The church looked so smart!
Everyone from all the three churches were so glad to see us, as we were them!
 The sewing classes are doing great.
Primary 1 class.
and their building, the front needs finishing.
Baby class - ages 3 to 4, - no desks yet.
Middle class - ages 4 to 5 - dirt floor, wooden shutters & door - need replacing.
Top class - ages 5 to 6, dirt floor, wooden shutter & door - need replacing.
The outside of the Preschool (Top, Middle, Baby) needs the pillars and cement walk.
Toilet hole dug - needs covering and building put on it.
The visual of the toilet hole and the distance to the Preshcool, 
in between will be the playground and soccer field.

Above is to let you know of some needs.
These are some of the ones that we were made aware of since our return.
We have noticed that there were improvements to the buildings 
and were encouraged to see progress had happened while we were gone.
Our staff here have done a great job, of what we've seen so far and we want to continue to help this community have the chance to educate their children and themselves.
Let us know how you can help or just send in money to the address in the tab above under
Ashes To Worship Ministry (Rwanda)

God has been so good and 
we know that He wants us to be a part of this that is happening in this community