Monday, August 11, 2014

Saskatchewan Ontario

 Wednesday, August 6, we listened to missionaries, Charles & Darla, 
share about their work in Burundi. 
It was great to meet them and agree with the work in Africa.
The puzzle, as I left it unfinished! Sorry Leona!
(Becky has one for us to do - we'll start right away and hopefully get it done.)
 Flight to Toronto - then London.
 A surprise encounter with Derrick & Jean Hiscox in the London airport, 
just before Jason picked us up! 
The grandkids had the driveway decorated with chalk drawings! What a nice welcome!
The playhouse/fort!
Sword fights!
 Singing in church - action song - "Only a boy named David".
Jason sharing in SS.
Just a practice of how they carry a baby in Africa before the evening church service.
Our display for our sharing time after the evening service.
Pastor Kring introducing us.
Sharing our pictures.
 Jonathan & Linda Kent live close and came for the service.
Derrick & Jean also were there.
We were really blessed to have them!

We have had a few days of busyness, packing up, flying across part of Canada,
meeting up with friends and family.
Really looking forward to the events that are planned and not planned
over the next 2 weeks in Ontario with family,
before we head back to Rwanda!

 Praising God again for his protection over us!
I only lost my small pillow in the Toronto airport,
and that was because I didn't have it tied on to my bag!!!
(Lesson learned.)

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