Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Family Friends Puzzle Shirt Machines

My sister thought I needed a puzzle to do,
so she brought this one for me to do.
Beautiful picture of 3 deer.
A shirt I made for Jerold with material that was given to him & Audrey.
Fit nice!
 Progress on the puzzle.
We went looking at machines.
This embroidery machine is very nice.
But not in our budget right now at $9,000.00
 Or this one at $4,000.00
 Nor this serger at $600.00
 Peter needed his watch band replaced so I took time to do that.
This was a first and very interesting.
I would do it differently next time.
 When we were in Strasbourg on Monday, we visited Auntie Evelyn.
 We shared at the Strasbourg church Prayer Group Tuesday afternoon.
Greetings for the church in Rwanda!
An'ie Catherine!
Lil' An'ie Catherine (Little Auntie Catherine),
she watched me when I was about 14 months old (I think)
and so I have a special place in her heart - just as she has in my mine!

We said our good-byes to Mom & Dad.
It was the last time this trip to see them until we come back in two years.
We head to Ontario soon and then the end of August we are on our way back to Rwanda!
My, the time has been short.
Peter and I are so glad to have been given the chance 
to share our experiences of the last two years with family and friends.
Also to many people that we met and fellow-shipped with during these months,
we have many memories to savor for the next years in Rwanda.
We are so thankful to God for His provisions,
His care, and His protection,
His guidance, and His love to us
while we traveled many miles in Alabama,
the many kilometers in Saskatchewan and Alberta
these last few months.

We are also very excited about the interest of others in the ministry,
whether we have visitors, or prayer warriors, or financial support
all of this is needed to 'run' the ministry!
God has been so good in the ways He provides!

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