Friday, August 29, 2014

Last Days USA Flights Kigali Home Gifts Phone

After the Conference was over we didn't have too many days left in Canada or with Jason & Becky and Nolan, Makenna, and Daeton.
We took a bike ride down to a park and played for an hour or so.
 Then came back and played some table games.
 Sunday, we attended church and then had lunch and Becky and the kids (Jason was returning to night shift and needed to sleep) took us to Buffalo.
Near the border we had to wait for a boat to cross.
 Bridge had to come down.
Buffalo from another bridge, just before the border crossing.
After the border crossing.
We had no trouble in getting there and across the border.
We checked into a hotel as we were flying out the next day.
We had supper at McDonald's with them and said our good-byes.
 Becky left with the kids and we were sure that they would have no problem getting home.
But that was not the case.
She had a lot of trouble, the GPS led her in the opposite direction, and she ended up getting lost and taking a very much longer time getting home than anticipated. 
We were glad to hear from her when she got home safely after many hours.
Glad too that the children had been fed and that they were safe.
 We stayed overnight at a friend's place in Kigali and Peter did some business in the morning.
In Kigali at Sylvia's we were greeted by some others that were glad to have us back.
We then hired a car to take us and all our 11 bags out to Nyagatare.
 Close to Nyagatare

Oh, we are back!
It is good to be back.
We noticed changes - starting even at the Airport.
And when we got home, there were things that needed attending, 
as usual when you leave things for four months. But really they weren't bad!
 Alphonsine was very glad to have us back.
She has stayed in the house for the four and a half months. Not leaving it for any length of time as she soon learned that she couldn't when she had someone try to break in to the house during the night.
She is a trouper!
Even when our guard quit and others here helped by hiring another one, she still stayed!
We are so ever grateful for her!
She had a meal prepared long before we got there, and so big, I was glad that we could share it with others that came to welcome us back home.
Today we will have more come. It is so good to be back.

I had Alphonsine help me unpack and we had gifts for her from my sister Holly, who has never met Alphonsine, but that doesn't matter. You should have been here to see how grateful she is in all the gifts she received.
 Looking at the yard, which is quite barren as the rainy season starts in a week or so, 
we noticed some changes.
The pineapple is growing, in fact there is one there!!!
The cactus is blooming!
The 'Crown of Thorns" is beautiful!
The avocado tree has died.
The yard is very beautiful!
 This morning Alphonsine is hoeing, she is planting potatoes.
This is at 6 AM.
She came in frantically asking Peter to come,
we were in hoar, didn't know what had happened.
Here she had dropped her phone down the sewer hole. 
We told her, "Finished" that hole goes a long way down!
Peter decided to show her,
 and here,
we could see it!
(that little black rectangle in the middle of the picture)
So we eventually decided on good old Canadian packing tape 
and a long corn stalk (sorry-edit- a sunflower stalk?) that hadn't been burned from last season, 
and retrieved it!
Needless to say we have a very happy Alphonsine!

Praise the Lord!
He is so good to us.
We have seen Him working in the last months in all our travels,
He has protected us,
provided for us,
and He continues to do so!
My God is BIG!
My God is BIG!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Simcoe Ontario

Last week the two older kids attended DVBS in a nearby church so we biked a few days.
Tuesday we headed into Mississauga for a meeting with CBM,
which Peter and I were encouraged by. What a great team!
Krispy Kreme for donuts.
The corn is tall here!

I lost my travel pillow in the Toronto airport and was without one for about 4 nights.
Big loss for me, as I have tender ears that need the u-shaped memory foam pillow.
I took the previous one with me everywhere we went.
It is so nice to have this one - it has new features that are an added comfort.
 Playing with the kids.
Biking home from the church after DVBS.
 Thursday evening performance of the DVBS kids.
I'm known for doing puzzles, and that has in the last while caused those who know,
to get puzzles that will take some time to do.
Michelle's black and white one was tough but I finished it.
Leona's deer one came too late in our stay to finish.
Now Becky has this one. Tiny pictures within a puzzle.
Check these out for pieces.
 Not so sure I'll get this one finished either.
 More biking to and from DVBS.
 Swung by to see Jason's work place.
 Saturday we had Jeremy & Kathryn and fam' over.
 And we had cake for Peter's Bday.
 This week is the Carey Conference in Paris, ON
So far it has been great to be here and just sit back and take in God's Word,
visit with other believers and have fun with the family.
 We have been so blessed by our time here so far in the US and Canada.
We have truly enjoyed seeing everyone and visiting and sharing about the work in Rwanda.
We have to thank God for his provisions,
 a vehicle,
and gas for it,
places to stay,
protection and safety,
more sewing supplies,
and many more things that family and friends have given us.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Africa Gifts

Candace & Kirk
John & Jazmine's
Jason & LaDonna's
Jason & Becky's
LaDonna got a skirt, and Jazmine and Candace got a wallet - sorry no pictures.