Sunday, July 27, 2014


Thursday, July 24th
We had an appointment in Prince Albert, 
did some shopping, 
drove by our previous home, 
and visited with friends.
We supped at Sue's with Gilbert & Laura. Had a great visit with them!
Friday, July 25th
Liz came to visit with us at Leona & Fraser's. 
 We had a great time catching up and reminiscing at both visits!
We are so grateful to have a lot of 'great' people in our list of friends.
This trip is coming to a close soon,
and we are so blessed with the visits we've had, 
and the times shared with family and friends.

Tree Update Saskatoon

Tuesday, July 22, 2014
"The tree had to go!" so they said. And it did.
Brendon knew what he was doing - a great job!
Bottom branches gone - now we can see the neighbors.
The beginning of the 'mess' to clean up!
Holly was visiting with Angel and Troy.
Troy didn't like the chainsaw noise but wanted to watch!
The top being 'roped' ready for the cut.
Peter & Fraser waiting.
The top on it's way down.

The job is done! Well the tree is down, the cleanup is next.
That was a day's work!
Praise the Lord for safety, and a blessed time of fellowship around a delicious meal after.

Saturday, July 19, 2014


We had a great time sharing at Art & Elaine's with
Harvey & Evie, Marlyss, Jack & Lorretta, 
Steve & Jan, and Kendall.
 Then a day of looking after Jackson and Jessa!!!
Play time at the park.
 The next day with 'city' Grandma and a day at the museum!
Yeehaw, everyone hang on!
 Today - out came the chalk!
What a lot of fun we've had.
And we hope to have a great Sunday. 
It will be the first Sunday in a while that we are won't be sharing about the ministry.
God has truly blessed us as we have traveled from place to place.
God is good.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Saskatoon Langham Prairie River Hudson Bay Melfort

Peter got the siding on the garage finished. It's always nice to finish up a job. 
He did the back and one side.

 Friday, we had a great time sharing at the Langham Museum - mostly to an older group.
 There were lots of questions and interest in the work. These ladies had donated sewing items to our sewing school in Rwanda and Leona brought them over in January when her and Liz came.
After we were invited to lunch with Henry and Rose - what a great couple.

Saturday we headed to Hudson Bay, SK, we stopped in at Ron & Twyla's (Prairie River) for a visit and to see some old newspapers from the Hudson Bay Post-Review. There were pictures of Peter and his brother and cousins working in the bush in 1974. Peter got some copies!
Kicking myself for not getting of pic of Ron & Twyla. 
Thanks so much for the great visit we had with you!
Ron & Twyla's house
Then we headed on to Hudson Bay, to Dennis & Ruth's, 
where we reminisced some more and stayed the night. 
Again no pic!
The crops look good!

Sunday we had fun sharing about the ministry at the Pineridge Fellowship Chapel, 
and enjoyed a great potluck lunch. 
A couple we met at the church, Michael & Charity.
Peter's Aunt Jeannette has some things to give to the ministry so we headed to her place next, 
going through her vast sewing supply! 
What a generous beautiful lady!
Our next stop was Melfort, to see Ken & Charlene and she have more sewing items for the school.

It is so much fun sharing about the work and seeing people get excited 
about it too - so much so that they dig into their own supplies to help out!!!
Thanks to all of you for the great weekend!

 Back in Saskatoon and Peter is helping get the front flower bed landscaped.
(The work is endless at this house - good thing we get a bed and meals!!!!)
We are so blessed with everyone we meet. We are excited to share about the Lord's Work 
and He has blessed us in meeting new faces and reminiscing with family and friends.
We are sure enjoying our time here in Canada.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Saskatchewan Visits

Well, we've been 'on the go' still! Going here and going there! Life is not slowing down while we are in Canada - and we both are thinking how wonderful it would be to be back in Rwanda!!! But we still have more people and family to visit. We are so enjoying the times we have here, visiting with each one of you. We love sharing about the work in Rwanda with everyone. And it is nice to hear the excitement in those of you who are 'maybe' interested in even coming for a visit!!!

Peter has been helping out by replacing some of the fence around the yard where we are staying - a little here and a little there. It is almost finished. He loves to do it. The pictures that follow were taken over a period of time. Thanks to Fraser & Leona for letting us stay while we are in Saskatchewan.
The starting, after tearing the old fence out.
First pole
Add caption
Facing the house - the right side is finished.
This is behind the garage.

Middle Lake Church, we were there on Sunday, July 6
 Went to visit Dad & Mom and were pleasantly surprised with a visit from Betsie and Vida!
(distance relatives on my dad's side)
Traveling around gives us opportunity to see the crops growing. 
Always enjoy the yellow Canola fields.
Well, we have a month until we fly to Ontario. 
We will be visiting with our son Jason, and Becky and their family. 
That will be our last stop before heading back to Rwanda. 

We hear from time to time from Alphonsine and every time she tells us to come back tomorrow. 
She is doing great with taking care of the place there for us. 
We miss her a great deal, and are so proud of her in what she is doing for us!

God has been so good to us for the way he is protecting us and taking care of our needs. 
We can not thank him enough for what he is doing for us 
while we are here sharing about His work in Rwanda.
Thanks too, to all of you who have been a blessing to us so far on this trip.
God is so good!