Friday, June 20, 2014

Sew Fun Working

We had our last day at the Harris' and met up with John & Jazmine.
We visited Grandma Irene and she gave some us some material to sew up items for the kids.
  Marrissa learning to sew - a pillowcase!
 Doing a great job Marrissa.
 Rayna's new dress I sewed from the material from Grandma Irene.
 Kristyn's colorful Yummy business.
 Met up with Jaz & John - had a great time.
Next morning went over to John's work.
 Had a great tour, and watched John work the machines!
Just stood around having a great visit.
Everett & Lesley, owners of Atlas Ropes Inc. in Edmonton
 John's bike! Good job!

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