Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Saskatoon Kipling

Monday - appointment at the bank.
Wednesday - met with a friend, caught up on news and remembered 'days' gone by!
Friday - Western Development Museum, Saskatoon, SK - that was fun. We really wanted to see their outdoor oven but it was not in use yet. We may have to go back to see it in July.
       -Supper with niece Colleen, Angel, Troy McDonell - Great job, Colleen!!!
Saturday - traveled to Kipling, SK, and supped with Joyce D. and took a look at her new place!
        - stayed at the Vellacott's - thankful for their hospitality!
Sunday - shared at Parkland Bible Church, and enjoyed a great potluck!
      - drove to Strasbourg and supped with Mom & Dad!
      - stayed with the Schapansky's!
May is gone and June has started! We are enjoying so much visiting with family and friends and meeting new people. At the end of this week we will be heading to Alberta - to share and visit with more family and friends! We are so thankful to God for those who we have had fellow-shipped with, and those whom we will. Lots of miles traveled and many more to go.
Wanted to take more pictures, but we get so excited about sharing that I forget to do it!
Well, maybe I'll get more this next month. (Well, I'm sure I will, as there will be Grandchildren to photo, to take memories back with us to Rwanda!)

Oh, and we got 'home' to Sktn and Leona was working!!!!

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