Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Lloydminster Edgerton Paradise Valley Beaumont Mayerthorpe

We are now in Alberta!
 Our first stop was to visit my cousin, Mardelle.
How encouraging it was to have family supporting us in many different ways.
Love the apron pattern she had.
We then visited Brenda our sister-in-law.
We had a good visit with her.
No pics!
Then we headed to Edgerton to have a home meeting with more family.
Again no pics, I guess we were enjoying the time together.

We always have enjoyed our visit with the 'folks' at Paradise Valley.
The Sunday School picnic was a great service by the children.
 We also visited Bob & Carol's 'cabin'!
What a great get-away!
We stopped at New Norway to visit Harvey's grave.
 Then Beaumont to see Ron & Kathleen and Deanna.
 Love the lilacs!
Monday we headed to Mayerthorpe - the long awaited Harris family visit!
Axle had never met us - or we him, 
but I'll always have the picture in my mind,
 of Marrissa and him sitting in a chair 
wrapped in a coat waiting for our arrival!
In the two days we've been here, I've learned how to make doll clothes out of unmatched socks!,
sewn on a brand new sewing machine to patch work pants
and make doll clothes and a pin cushion!
More to come along that line I'm sure!
The yard has been cleaned up and mown,
but best of all is Grandpa's pancakes and
Grandma's chocolate sauce!
Kristyn & CoraJean are the same size.
A sock dress and shoes for a doll.
More doll clothes.
Axle & Matty.
Time to color and relax.
More doll clothes.
Pancakes and chocolate sauce for Rayna & Axle.

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