Friday, June 27, 2014

Lacombe Red Deer Blackfalds

This last week we have been getting to know a few more people in Lacombe and Red Deer area. 
We have had 3 meetings where we shared about the ministry.
We stayed at Albert & Esther's house, my sister, and we got to visit with Dave & Vanessa (niece) too.
Thanks Albert & Esther for letting us stay!
We were able to visit with Peter's sisters on Friday for a few hours, great to see them again. (no pics)

Saturday, we were in Red Deer and met at Teresa's. 
We met her husband Conrad and she invited a few "NBI er's" (NBC) to their home and people from their church. A good number attended and memories were flying high!!! (sorry no pics)
Thanks Conrad & Teresa for opening your home!

Sunday, we were welcomed and shared at the Parkside Alliance Church. (Again no pics)
We are so thankful for the generosity of the Church for their support in the ministry in Rwanda!

Tuesday, we were at Ron & Sheila's and reacquainted ourselves with some we had met 2 yrs. ago and with new folk. Also caught up with my cousin Lorilee and she brought a friend Edie that had connections with Strasbourg! Got pics, but only after more than half had left! Sorry to those whom we missed - loved having you there! Thanks again Ron & Sheila for opening your home.
This week we were invited out to some of the homes of the congregation of the 
Parkside Alliance Church.
Each visit was a great opportunity to get to know them and hear about their lives and the excitement of them wanting to come to see the ministry in Rwanda. We would love to have anyone come and visit us and help out in the ministry.

Thursday, we were invited to go to "After The Grind" a coffee place run by YWAM in Blackfalds.
Thanks Christine for the visit! 

We went over to the Peavey Mart where Albert works, just to price out some items we are looking at purchasing when we return to Rwanda.

Thanks to all of you for the encouragement you gave us while we were in Alberta.
Traveling back to Saskatchewan for more times of sharing and meeting people.
God is so good and we praise him for his Love.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Sew Fun Working

We had our last day at the Harris' and met up with John & Jazmine.
We visited Grandma Irene and she gave some us some material to sew up items for the kids.
  Marrissa learning to sew - a pillowcase!
 Doing a great job Marrissa.
 Rayna's new dress I sewed from the material from Grandma Irene.
 Kristyn's colorful Yummy business.
 Met up with Jaz & John - had a great time.
Next morning went over to John's work.
 Had a great tour, and watched John work the machines!
Just stood around having a great visit.
Everett & Lesley, owners of Atlas Ropes Inc. in Edmonton
 John's bike! Good job!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Fun with Grandkids

So what's been happening besides gaining a new daughter-in-love, and Father's day, and birthdays....
Meal times
Fun fireside times
Visit to the Firehouse
Pretending to be a fireman like daddy!
We been having a great time visiting with our daughter, 
LaDonna and her husband Jason and each one of their children - 
Kristyn, Cora-Jean, Marrissa, Wyatt, Rayna, Matty and Axle! 
Nice to be able to help out with yard work and meals, and play with the kids.
We are so glad to be able to be here and be visiting our families.
 God is good and we are thankful to Him for this time with family!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Lloydminster Edgerton Paradise Valley Beaumont Mayerthorpe

We are now in Alberta!
 Our first stop was to visit my cousin, Mardelle.
How encouraging it was to have family supporting us in many different ways.
Love the apron pattern she had.
We then visited Brenda our sister-in-law.
We had a good visit with her.
No pics!
Then we headed to Edgerton to have a home meeting with more family.
Again no pics, I guess we were enjoying the time together.

We always have enjoyed our visit with the 'folks' at Paradise Valley.
The Sunday School picnic was a great service by the children.
 We also visited Bob & Carol's 'cabin'!
What a great get-away!
We stopped at New Norway to visit Harvey's grave.
 Then Beaumont to see Ron & Kathleen and Deanna.
 Love the lilacs!
Monday we headed to Mayerthorpe - the long awaited Harris family visit!
Axle had never met us - or we him, 
but I'll always have the picture in my mind,
 of Marrissa and him sitting in a chair 
wrapped in a coat waiting for our arrival!
In the two days we've been here, I've learned how to make doll clothes out of unmatched socks!,
sewn on a brand new sewing machine to patch work pants
and make doll clothes and a pin cushion!
More to come along that line I'm sure!
The yard has been cleaned up and mown,
but best of all is Grandpa's pancakes and
Grandma's chocolate sauce!
Kristyn & CoraJean are the same size.
A sock dress and shoes for a doll.
More doll clothes.
Axle & Matty.
Time to color and relax.
More doll clothes.
Pancakes and chocolate sauce for Rayna & Axle.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Saskatoon Kipling

Monday - appointment at the bank.
Wednesday - met with a friend, caught up on news and remembered 'days' gone by!
Friday - Western Development Museum, Saskatoon, SK - that was fun. We really wanted to see their outdoor oven but it was not in use yet. We may have to go back to see it in July.
       -Supper with niece Colleen, Angel, Troy McDonell - Great job, Colleen!!!
Saturday - traveled to Kipling, SK, and supped with Joyce D. and took a look at her new place!
        - stayed at the Vellacott's - thankful for their hospitality!
Sunday - shared at Parkland Bible Church, and enjoyed a great potluck!
      - drove to Strasbourg and supped with Mom & Dad!
      - stayed with the Schapansky's!
May is gone and June has started! We are enjoying so much visiting with family and friends and meeting new people. At the end of this week we will be heading to Alberta - to share and visit with more family and friends! We are so thankful to God for those who we have had fellow-shipped with, and those whom we will. Lots of miles traveled and many more to go.
Wanted to take more pictures, but we get so excited about sharing that I forget to do it!
Well, maybe I'll get more this next month. (Well, I'm sure I will, as there will be Grandchildren to photo, to take memories back with us to Rwanda!)

Oh, and we got 'home' to Sktn and Leona was working!!!!