Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Time Well Spent

So many things have been happening during our stay here.
Each day is spent trying to get in as many minutes as we can with the grandchildren.
We have many memories to cherish over the next while. 

 A bike ride with Grandpa!

Then a great gift from God and Dr. Chase Tyson! 
What a great dentist!
Did great work in Peter's and my mouth. 
The main part being my new dentures - they are so wonderful!
Dr. Chase Tyson
Assistant Melanie
New dentures.
 More fun times at Kirk and Candace's helping them juggle around the fencing in the back yard.
 This fence line was at the front of the house. The following pic you can see the tracks the dog made running to see what was happening in the front of the yard, and where the new fence line is now.
 Helping Grandpa with the fence line in the middle of the back yard 
to separate a section off for the dog.

 The kitten is a keeper and Katie loves him to death!

 A crocheted flower hair pretty for each of the girls!

 Enjoying a drink on the swing in the back porch that is having its screens replaced.

 Only a few more days left. The three weeks have gone by very quickly. 
Once we land in Canada we will be busy each weekend with meetings at churches and homes,
and visiting more family, and friends.
So excited that we have a vehicle for that time.
God is so good.
Thank you Lord God for your provisions for us.

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