Monday, May 19, 2014

Strasbourg Weyburn Saskatoon

 Peter held the 'big' fish Dad caught this week!
Nice size!
 Went out to visit Holly and look at her latest changes to her yard and house.
 A rare siting - elevator at Strasbourg.
 Minn bought an apron, then I made it to fit her,
took it up at the neck and moved the pockets so she could use them.
One size does not fit all!
 The leaves are starting to come out!
Not an early spring here. Hoping it will warm up soon.
 On to Weyburn, setting up the computer at Silver Heights Bible Church.
So glad when things work out.
 Yvonne came up to me and said she went to school at Caronport with my Mother.
Then I found out that her husband, Hartley Hastings had hunted with my Dad.
 Lee & Linda Klassen with their daughter Michaela.
Linda was the one that contacted us to speak at the church.
It was great to be able to stay with Auntie Deone and Verla Gruchy.
God again has been so good to us.
We love to be able to share our hearts, and ministry with others and to be able to see relatives.
We had safe traveling down to Strasbourg and on to Weyburn and then back to Saskatoon!
Being the long weekend, we got to see Leona & Fraser's kids and grandkids too.

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