Monday, May 26, 2014

Nipawin Prince Albert

What a great weekend!
We were at Richard & Joanne's for Friday evening.
The living room was very full of guests.
We enjoyed sharing about the work in Rwanda.
It was great to visit with everyone that came.
Forgot to take pictures until almost everyone left.
Joanne graciously stood by the table of what was left.
Art & Ruth
Dylan & Raeanne
Saturday we headed to Prince Albert, stopped at Blair & Marilyn's.
We did a search in our belongings to see what we might like to take back to Rwanda.
Peter will be taking back some of his tools.
And horseshoes!
Visiting with Blair and Joe
We stayed with Albert & Barb for the evening.
Sunday we again shared about Rwanda and what God is doing there.
Sold some more bags and other items.
Peter sharing with the children
Great to be home at First Baptist Church!
 Phil & Elsie and family.
Had a great lunch with Pastor Mike & Christina & family, (sorry no pic)
and Randy & Joyce.
Drove 'home' to Saskatoon! 
We are tired but happy to have these opportunities to share to others
what God has been doing in Rwanda.
God is so good!
We praise Him for protection as we travel
and for the opportunity to share His work.

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  1. It was so great to see you again.