Wednesday, May 14, 2014

In Saskatchewan

Well, we've left Alabama and landed in Saskatchewan.
Oh it's cool.
Okay we are cold - Peter and I, but it's cool to those that live here!

 Speaking Sunday, May 11 - Mother's Day at Strasbourg.
 A time of prayer after the service for us, how encouraging!
 After lunch, 4 of my sisters went with me to visit our sister's grave.
It has been a year that she passed away.
 On Monday, Arlene goes to a painting class and asked if I'd love to go.
Of course! Yes!
 We had a great time, so relaxing, learned some techniques about oil painting!
 Not too bad - trying to convince my dad to frame it and hang it in their house, LOL!
Breakfast with Mom & Dad, Ron & Kathleen. 

So many things to keep us busy.
And that's good!
We are enjoying being with family and friends!
God has been great to us.
We have a 'base appartment' to stay!
Thanks Fraser & Leona!
It is great to have a vehicle to drive around the country.
Thank you Ron & Kathleen!
Thanks to many others for things that we are needing too!
God has blessed us and Praise Him!

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