Thursday, May 8, 2014

Fun For All

Michelle likes to get puzzles for me to do. So she takes a friend with her to pick out a puzzle for me. This friend is a 'puzzler' too. This one took more than a day or two to do - like a week or more!!!
It was great fun!
 Taught Candace and Michelle to sew 'shoes' for Katie!
 Had to try them on!
A perfect fit!
A 'Keelyn' in a blanket!
A 'Kiersten' in a blanket!
Helping Grandpa with lunch!
 Didn't get a pic of Conner in here. He had a tick found on him and about 10 days later was a very sick boy. Lots of visits to the doctors and after the test results found out he has Lyme disease. 
Poor boy! It's good to see him back to his 'old' self now!
Kirk took some of the bags we brought from Rwanda to his work place and that went over very well. Never expected to see so many sold here, but am glad to see that they were a hit at his work.
The time has come to an end of visiting. Tomorrow we fly to Canada.
We are going to miss the kids and I'm sure they will miss us. So glad to have been able to spend this time with them.
On to Canada!

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