Monday, May 26, 2014

Nipawin Prince Albert

What a great weekend!
We were at Richard & Joanne's for Friday evening.
The living room was very full of guests.
We enjoyed sharing about the work in Rwanda.
It was great to visit with everyone that came.
Forgot to take pictures until almost everyone left.
Joanne graciously stood by the table of what was left.
Art & Ruth
Dylan & Raeanne
Saturday we headed to Prince Albert, stopped at Blair & Marilyn's.
We did a search in our belongings to see what we might like to take back to Rwanda.
Peter will be taking back some of his tools.
And horseshoes!
Visiting with Blair and Joe
We stayed with Albert & Barb for the evening.
Sunday we again shared about Rwanda and what God is doing there.
Sold some more bags and other items.
Peter sharing with the children
Great to be home at First Baptist Church!
 Phil & Elsie and family.
Had a great lunch with Pastor Mike & Christina & family, (sorry no pic)
and Randy & Joyce.
Drove 'home' to Saskatoon! 
We are tired but happy to have these opportunities to share to others
what God has been doing in Rwanda.
God is so good!
We praise Him for protection as we travel
and for the opportunity to share His work.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Strasbourg Weyburn Saskatoon

 Peter held the 'big' fish Dad caught this week!
Nice size!
 Went out to visit Holly and look at her latest changes to her yard and house.
 A rare siting - elevator at Strasbourg.
 Minn bought an apron, then I made it to fit her,
took it up at the neck and moved the pockets so she could use them.
One size does not fit all!
 The leaves are starting to come out!
Not an early spring here. Hoping it will warm up soon.
 On to Weyburn, setting up the computer at Silver Heights Bible Church.
So glad when things work out.
 Yvonne came up to me and said she went to school at Caronport with my Mother.
Then I found out that her husband, Hartley Hastings had hunted with my Dad.
 Lee & Linda Klassen with their daughter Michaela.
Linda was the one that contacted us to speak at the church.
It was great to be able to stay with Auntie Deone and Verla Gruchy.
God again has been so good to us.
We love to be able to share our hearts, and ministry with others and to be able to see relatives.
We had safe traveling down to Strasbourg and on to Weyburn and then back to Saskatoon!
Being the long weekend, we got to see Leona & Fraser's kids and grandkids too.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

In Saskatchewan

Well, we've left Alabama and landed in Saskatchewan.
Oh it's cool.
Okay we are cold - Peter and I, but it's cool to those that live here!

 Speaking Sunday, May 11 - Mother's Day at Strasbourg.
 A time of prayer after the service for us, how encouraging!
 After lunch, 4 of my sisters went with me to visit our sister's grave.
It has been a year that she passed away.
 On Monday, Arlene goes to a painting class and asked if I'd love to go.
Of course! Yes!
 We had a great time, so relaxing, learned some techniques about oil painting!
 Not too bad - trying to convince my dad to frame it and hang it in their house, LOL!
Breakfast with Mom & Dad, Ron & Kathleen. 

So many things to keep us busy.
And that's good!
We are enjoying being with family and friends!
God has been great to us.
We have a 'base appartment' to stay!
Thanks Fraser & Leona!
It is great to have a vehicle to drive around the country.
Thank you Ron & Kathleen!
Thanks to many others for things that we are needing too!
God has blessed us and Praise Him!

Thursday, May 8, 2014


Congratulations to John & Jazmine!
We are so excited about John and Jazmine getting married in June! 
They have opted for a very small gathering and hope to have something bigger in a couple of years!
We are praying for them as they prepare for this event in their lives.
God has blessed us with another daughter-in-love!
( I'm thinking I need a more recent pic! )
Love you guys!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Fun For All

Michelle likes to get puzzles for me to do. So she takes a friend with her to pick out a puzzle for me. This friend is a 'puzzler' too. This one took more than a day or two to do - like a week or more!!!
It was great fun!
 Taught Candace and Michelle to sew 'shoes' for Katie!
 Had to try them on!
A perfect fit!
A 'Keelyn' in a blanket!
A 'Kiersten' in a blanket!
Helping Grandpa with lunch!
 Didn't get a pic of Conner in here. He had a tick found on him and about 10 days later was a very sick boy. Lots of visits to the doctors and after the test results found out he has Lyme disease. 
Poor boy! It's good to see him back to his 'old' self now!
Kirk took some of the bags we brought from Rwanda to his work place and that went over very well. Never expected to see so many sold here, but am glad to see that they were a hit at his work.
The time has come to an end of visiting. Tomorrow we fly to Canada.
We are going to miss the kids and I'm sure they will miss us. So glad to have been able to spend this time with them.
On to Canada!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Time Well Spent

So many things have been happening during our stay here.
Each day is spent trying to get in as many minutes as we can with the grandchildren.
We have many memories to cherish over the next while. 

 A bike ride with Grandpa!

Then a great gift from God and Dr. Chase Tyson! 
What a great dentist!
Did great work in Peter's and my mouth. 
The main part being my new dentures - they are so wonderful!
Dr. Chase Tyson
Assistant Melanie
New dentures.
 More fun times at Kirk and Candace's helping them juggle around the fencing in the back yard.
 This fence line was at the front of the house. The following pic you can see the tracks the dog made running to see what was happening in the front of the yard, and where the new fence line is now.
 Helping Grandpa with the fence line in the middle of the back yard 
to separate a section off for the dog.

 The kitten is a keeper and Katie loves him to death!

 A crocheted flower hair pretty for each of the girls!

 Enjoying a drink on the swing in the back porch that is having its screens replaced.

 Only a few more days left. The three weeks have gone by very quickly. 
Once we land in Canada we will be busy each weekend with meetings at churches and homes,
and visiting more family, and friends.
So excited that we have a vehicle for that time.
God is so good.
Thank you Lord God for your provisions for us.