Wednesday, April 23, 2014

New Shoes

We've been busy doing this and doing that and going here and going there! And it's been fun. Sunday of course was Easter. What a beautiful day to celebrate our Risen Saviour!!
The kids had easter eggs they decorated and then hid and searched for till all but 3 were cracked!
Monday I was at the dentists for an hour or so. Got a filling and some impressions done for later.
Today I looked for a shoe pattern for Katie Anne, to make her a pair of soft shoes. Found this pattern here - Sew Darling Mini Mocs Pattern
 It was fun to sew again after about a week. Took me a bit to realize I didn't have to worry about the machine going in reverse when I started it. With a treadle you do, but not with an electric. It is a very nice machine - Thanks Candace!
The shoes turned out great and there is one happy little girl!
 This is just a trial pair to see if I got the right size. Perfect fit, so now we'll sew up some 'fancy' ones!

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