Sunday, April 13, 2014

Getting Ready

The time it takes to get ready for a 4 month long trip has come to an end. Ready or not, we have now started our "Canadian Trip", which includes the USA. April 13th to August 27th, 2014 - exactly = 136 Days   -- or --   19 Weeks and 3 Days   -- or --   4 Months and 2 weeks.
Alphonsine is going to miss us. She called me, and we went into her room for a hug and time of prayer! God Bless Her!!!
Yesterday she brought her niece, who is on a break from school till the 28th of April (two weeks), from Ryabega. Cutest little thing, with a bad chest cough, gave her a tub of Vicks and told her to feed her two boiled eggs and a big mug of porridgy every morning, she's as skinny as a bean pole!
But beside that, it will give Alphonsine someone to look after and she may not miss us too much, at first.
Also yesterday, Theophile came to bring some gifts for us to take to our families.

Last Sunday, April 6th, we had a great time with the church people. 
Choirs sang and goodbyes were said. We are going to miss them, as they us.
 Greetings to the believers in Canada and USA.
 Walking back to the road, 
more waves from field workers, 
following a boy goat herder, 
and checking out a hand hoed field.
 Tuesday, we fly out of Rwanda heading for the USA, our first stop.
Excited about going, excited to share about the work here.
 (682 Days -- or -- 97 Weeks and 3 Days -- or -- 1 Year and 45 Weeks and 3 Days)
Almost 2 years - Wow that went fast!
God has been so good to us in our time here!
Thank you God for your protection, for your provisions, for our health to do Your Work!
We love you Lord,
 and we look forward to a great time of visiting family and friends in America,
for your continued protection, and provisions, and health.


  1. Mar Salmond PannenbeckerApril 14, 2014 at 7:30 AM

    What a great life you have ~~~ love it

  2. So excited what God is doing in and through you guys!! Praising God with you in what He's doing in the people there!!