Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sewing Test, Chicken Dinner, and the Sun

 The students now are 'sewing' their tests! They each have to sew three different styles of shirts (one being a man's long sleeve button up), two skirts and one pair of pants. Here is some pics of them.
Pascasie, she loves the embroidery!
Alphonsine cooked the chicken today over the coals 'all day'! Very nicely done.
We added stuffing and potatoes, that Leona & Liz brought with them, to our dinner.
Very tasty!

mine, sooo good! just missing the cranberries.
Alphonsine wants us to fill our suitcases with Canadian food, she loves it!
And another beautiful sunset. Love the rainy season, rains a bit every day and clears at night (some times)!

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