Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Hi Leona

Okay, so when we get off the bus or van in Nyagatare to catch a moto home, we find a sea, well maybe a lake, okay - just a little creek! - it seems like a sea!, well it is a lot of motos all vying for the muzungu's to pick them to give us a ride home. Mostly it's just me, as Peter is going to do something else before heading home. Usually, I look for Don or Jackson, they are the ones that take us to Ryabega in the morning for the day, but today I had to 'pick' one - so I'll ask if they know where I live, or 'Do you know where home is?'. Today, I picked one guy, he seem pretty persistent in sticking close when we moved away, trying not to get in anyone's way. So he knew where home was, it's always nice to have someone who knows where we live then I don't have to concentrate on the way home - all of about 5 minutes. Well he starts off and we go a ways, and then he says, "How is Auntie Leona?" My reply was, "Ha, ha, ha, she just fine!" chuckle, chuckle. Obviously he was the one that came every morning to pick her up when she was here! Leona and Peter were the ones that got a regular driver most days, Liz had one too for a bit - he has a dirty gas filter and his rider 'pulsates' all the way to their destination! (My regular driver was 'off' for the whole time Leona and Liz were here.) Anyway, I get his name, Muhozi (that's how he spelled it), and take a pic.
Do you recognize him Leona? I told him I'd say hi to you. So "Hi."

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