Monday, March 17, 2014

Exciting News!

I'm excited!
We went to church on Sunday and I don't often post pics of me, but Peter likes to take them and so ...
Waiting for a moto to take us to church.
I have missed the songs and dancing, etc.
The Lima Bean plants have been producing off and on for almost a year now!
And this morning while we were Skyping with John and Jazmine and showing them our yard, etc.
this view of the hills was so amazing, this picture doesn't show it very well, but it was awesome.
 Once we got to school more of the items are coming in as the girls sew them for their final test.
Two skirts, two ladies' top, a man's shirt, and a pair of pants is what they are required to do.
 The embroidery work on Pascasie's top she made below.
 Then at about 11:30 AM, Eppy tells us we are invited by Production over to Teddy's at 12 noon. 
 They served us African Milk tea and 'buns'.
 And then they had a gift for us!
Another chicken who is named "Production"!
Now we have 8 chickens!!!
 Yours truly had to bring it home on the moto!
In the afternoon more items for the sewing test!
 Rosene's shirt for her husband.
 Rosene - skirt for someone else.
 Latifa - skirt
All in all a very exciting day - and St. Patty was even mentioned (but that's about it!), and weekend.
So good to have talked with Kirk & Candace and kids, and John & Jazmine too!
The chickens laid 4 eggs on Saturday, Alphonsine should have lots while we are gone.
The time is getting close for us to leave here - in one month's time we will be in USA!
There are so many things that are to happen in this month AND
we have to get ready for our flying day!
A very exciting time indeed!
God has been very good to us in these preparation days.
He has made it easier for me to have peace about all this, which I need.
It is nice that we don't have to move our belongings to another place, and that there is funds to have Alphonsine stay in the house and have Alphonse guard each evening.
Thank you God for your blessings!

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  1. So exciting---I just can not believe the natural talent that Pascasie has with embroidery. That was a beautiful design. I am so proud of all of them. Please tell them I miss them and tell them I got to see their sewing products and am so proud of their work. You're going to have to build a bigger chicken coop!!! What a blessing to have 8. See you soon!!!