Friday, March 28, 2014

Cassava Memories Popcorn

 We, Peter and I, really don't like cassava very much. I told Alphonsine to buy some at the market the other day so that we could have it for dinner. Well she couldn't get it that day, but could get some the next day. So while at the school I get 'flashed' (someone calls you but only lets it ring once and then you call them back) from Alphonsine, so I call her back and she informs me that cassava will be 700 RWF. I said okay buy it. That evening at dinner we had cassava. It was very good, she cooked it like you would potatoes, and you have to have beans with it too. So Peter and I started eating it and here she is just eating cassava, dry, and drinking tea. I think she's been missing it, although I don't know what she eats on the weekends when she goes home.

 Today was the last day of school. Two students will hand in their last items on Wednesday, after our trip Kigali. So I showed them most of the pictures I'd taken during their 6 month course. There was a lot of memories and laughter.
 Tonight we had popcorn and a movie, Shirley Temple's 'The Little Princess'.
 It is starting to hit Alphonsine that we don't have very much time left before we fly.
I'm sure she is going to find it very hard the day we say goodbye.

Thank you Lord for your protection you have given us,
for your guidance in decisions we had to make,
for the overall good health,
for provisions we needed,
for support from family and friends,
and for being with us every day!

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