Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Few Other Things

I went on a trip to Gisenyi to visit an orphanage where the older gals sew bags. They sell the bags as fundraisers to support feeding 600 to 1000 children one hot meal a day for a year! It was a great experience, I went with Fiona Merrild a new muzungu in Nyagatare. She is married and has 3 children and very interested in what we are doing, and others are doing, along this line.

Below is a skirt that Peter started sewing for me!!!!, while I was gone for the two days to Gisenyi, and then finished after I got back. Not to bad for leftover scraps and it is really comfortable. Wore it the other day with a different top but never got pics! He also made some cushion covers too.
We had a prayer time with the growing group of YWAM'ers at the YWAM land near Ryabega.
 And of course the children gathered. 
Most of them should have been in school at the time, but can't afford it!
This is what I've been doing with bigger leftover scraps!
 I did it for the morning class and made Peter do it for the afternoon class, 
below is their reaction - which I never got (insert sad face here)!
Horror, whooping, and clapping!!!
It must have been the head scarf!!!
 Got home from work today and saw this big moth on the shrubs -
 He had very interesting features!

 Had to show Alphonsine the outfit - feel like a 'genie'!
Going to miss Alphonsine very much! She talks about us going, and what she would like us to bring back, (Leona has spoiled her with gifts!), and how she will stay at the house the whole time we are gone. Alphonse, our guard, will be here for the evenings. Four months will be a long time for her, we will be busy traveling and visiting and it won't seem as long for us.

Praising God for the way things are coming together for us in planning this trip to USA and Canada.
It is great that we have almost all our Sunday's filled. I feel like we will be so busy that we'll need a break when we get back. Looking forward to seeing all our children and grandchildren, siblings and my parents. Nineteen days till it all starts!
Thank you God!

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