Wednesday, February 26, 2014

More Sewing

Life is never dull here. Something happens every day that I'd like to share on my blog, it just seems like I don't have time. But I had to take time for this!
When Leona and Liz were here, Liz taught a small bit about embroidery. Yesterday, one of the students had embroidered on a top she had just finished! I was very impressed and thought you'd like to see it.

A proud Pascasie
Pascasie, another top with a bit of embroidery.
Theo, cutting out school uniforms, a job he has taken on along with teaching.
 As you can see they are busy with a lot of items to make, shirts and blouses, skirts and pants, and dresses. The quality of their sewing has improved over the last weeks for some of the students. They have four weeks left before Graduation. We have a total of 10 students and it is looking like all of them will graduate!

Production is finishing up this week so that I can concentrate on specific details with the students. Production has made over 500 items for sale, aprons, hot pads, assorted bags, and they have done very well.

 Counting down the days and getting things ready for our departure - 7 weeks till we land in USA, our first stop.

God has been faithful in supplying everything that we have needed for our time here. And He is continuing to work in our lives as we close things up for the 4 to 5 months we will be gone.
Please continue to pray for us and with us as we prepare for the next few months.

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