Sunday, February 2, 2014

Highlights of the Last Few Days

Leona and Liz have left, and are now in Canada.
Wednesday was the last day at the school, filled with last minute "Thank you"'s, and gifts.
We left very early on Thursday for Kigali, for some last minute things to do there.
We took them to some of the 'cultural' places we knew they would enjoy,
and to a place we'd never been, and it was great!
 Leona and Liz will never forget Alphonsine's "welcome" hug, and she will never forget them.
Liz acquired this outfit, fit her great and definitely her colors!
A few last minute mats.
Liz encouraging the class
Theophile, Anne Marie, and Violet with Liz and Leona
 We graded each mat and returned each with a gift.
Leona gave her mat to Theophile
Liz gave her's to Eppy
Liz was given a skirt. She was measured the first day and Theo worked hard till it was done.
Leona was fitted and given an African outfit sewn by Theo.
I think she fits right in!!!
More gifts given to Liz and Leona.
One last group picture.
Thursday, January 30, 2014
Starting very early, 5AM, we took the bus to Kigali.
We were picked up by the taxi we rented for the two days in Kigali.
We headed straight to J Lynn's for breakfast.

Love their burrito, almost finished it before I realized I hadn't taken a pic.
 Next we went to the Genocide Memorial.
 Liz had never been, and was glad to have taken the tour for all the info that was there.
 Next we went to Capalaki, listed as an Art Gallery, where you can barter for crafts.
Leona could not resist dancing in her newly purchased 'skirt'.
She just had way too much fun!
That evening we walked from our hotel, Ninzi Hill Hotel, to the Great Wall Chinese Restaurant, 
and realized that it was Chinese New Year's the next day. 
Lots were celebrating that evening.

 Friday, January 31, 2014
We went to the Presidential Palace Memorial. Peter and I had never been, neither had our taxi driver and so we all went in with minimal fee. No pictures allowed, but we were given a very informative guided tour of the palace and grounds that included the remains of the downed aircraft that triggered the genocide on April 6th, 1994. 
(Later when we were together with Moses, John was eager to tell him about the tour at the Palace.)

We took Liz and Leona to the Kimoronko Market.

The song playing on the loud speakers had more than Leona and these two ladies dancing!!!
For lunch we invited Moses and our driver John to join us.
We had a delicious Italian buffet at the Sol e Luna.
Thanks Fraser, it was very good! We will have to take you with us the next time you are here.

Liz, Leona and Moses
John, Peter and I
 Next we headed to the hotel to rest a bit and pick up the luggage and head to the airport.
Their time here was coming to a close.
Lots of memories and friends made over the last two weeks.

 Very Thankful to God for His protection 
over all of us as we went about doing this and that.
Liz and Leona will be remembered by many here,
and I'm sure that they will not soon forget their time spent helping the Rwandans.
(sorry for such a long blog)

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