Saturday, February 8, 2014

Baking In The Outdoor Oven With Friends

This oven has been a great addition to the yard!!!! Thanks Peter and Christian!
Alphonsine helping with kneading the bread dough.
Oh yeah, I work!!!
Leona & Liz brought this cake mix.
Alphonsine does a good job at beating!
The dough is ready to be punched down, less than one hour in the sun! (covered with a towel)
Some of the cake mix we put into cupcakes and the rest into a cake pan, but no picture.
The dough we used for pizza, one loaf of bread, and cinnamon buns.
Christian &Anne came over with pizza, bread and cinnamon buns to cook too, and brought with them - Christian (Chris for short because of two of them) & Fiona, Alexander, Isabel, Lucy! What a change to have children in the house.
 Thanks 'everyone' for adding more food to the 'bake potluck'
We had so much fun with the kids. Alphonsine was so excited to have children in the house too. We had fun feeding the chickens, I didn't get any pictures but Fiona had her camera out.
The cinnamon buns from my dough.
Anne's bread.
Anne & Fiona's cinnamon buns.
There was more cooked but no pictures on my camera. We had a great time, and the day isn't over yet. They are gone and we will be heading over to their house to watch a movie they were talking about which sounds very interesting. 
Great to have others join us here in Nyagatare.
Welcome Chris & Fiona, Alexander, Isabel, Lucy Merrild

Thank you God for Friends and Fellowship and Food!

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