Thursday, February 6, 2014

Back To Routine

We anticipated Leona & Liz's visit for such a long time, preparing the house, the students, the people that had met Leona on her previous visit, all took time. Then they were here, and before we knew it they were gone. But I think that Leona would agree that this visit was way different from the first one. The first one was shorter, 3 or 4 days, and even though this visit was 11 days, it too seemed short, but it was good and we had time to do what she had planned for the students. 
Now, we are back into routine, after the 4 days in Kigali since Leona & Liz left. Everyone had sewing to show me, and other little things too. It is good to be in routine again. We only have 2 months of sewing and then there is Graduation on April 4th. And 10 days later we will be flying to America. Things will definitely go fast now.
 This "beautiful" tool is the BEST! 
Thank you Leona for your donation to the sewing school!
We've put it to use in these last 2 days.
 Below is Violet, who had to show me the excellent work 
of embroidery that she did since Leona & Liz left.
A uniform was completed by one of the students.
Claudine's mat with more embroidery work on it.
We are making hot pads in production, using material that Leona cut ahead. I haven't taken any pictures of their work. Below is samples I made for them. They are doing a great job of them.
Praising God for the safety He gave us while Leona & Liz were here.
Praising God too for health and protection He gives us each day.
Thank You God!!!

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