Sunday, January 26, 2014

Praising The Lord

Today was GREAT!!!
We all were very blessed by the love these people have to give,
it's hard not to love them back so dearly!!!

Alphonsine is good at reminding me that we need to take pictures when we are all dressed up. 
So before the van came to pick us up, we got in a few shots!

Leona wanted all the hair colors!!!
Love this one!
Decorations on the wall that Leona brought over!!!
Gifts for Liz & Leona
After we were finished at the "Jesus Is Lord Temple" we headed over to the Kaberizi Jesus Is Lord. They waited for us to come after their service. They sang a song while we entered, hugging our way up to the front!
 This church did not have a roof when Leona & Fraser were here in May last year - now they do!!
 Picture of the congregation and the outside.
 Beautiful people!

 Then we headed to the next daughter church, Karahozo Jesus Is Lord.
They are meeting in a small house and mostly have it outside! 
We all got to share a word or two at each of the churches,
to encourage them and bless them.
By now it is about 2:30 pm and they have waited for us to come!
Leona shared
Liz shared
Peter shared
 I shared too, and then was asked to pray and bless the people and church. 
What an honor. I was not able to be involved with the planting of this church, 
new since Dec. 8, 2013, but Peter was and he was happy to be able to have me come.
I was glad to have been able to go this time and be encouraged by the attendance and desire they have to learn about God. Pastor John and his wife Pastor Teddy are missed at our church but are doing a great job at the new church.

Pastor John & Pastor Teddy
 After the prayer Leona had her hands full of little hands!

 We then headed over to Franswa's house.
She is living in it, not quite finished, but has the doors and windows in!

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