Saturday, January 25, 2014

Pizza and Cinnamon Buns and Lots More

Today was filled with lots to do!
 Alphonsine taught Liz how to wash Rwandan style!
Leona did dishes,
and I made cinnamon buns!
Leona made pizza dough,
and Liz put on the toppings.
 We baked them in our oven and
Christian and Anne came over to bake pizza and bread too!
Moses and Andrew, Leona and Fraser's interpreters from their last trip to Rwanda,
came for a visit, and enjoyed our home made pizza.
Alphonsine happened to know Andrew, a surprise for her that he came!
 Our day is done, full of good food (also had some of Leona's rice pudding - which had a hint of lemon grass flavor in it as Alphonsine thought she was to make lemon grass tea after she bought the milk - turned out mighty tasty!!!!), lots done and great visits with friends. Tomorrow is will be another day filled with activity, but I'll tell about that another day!

Good memories made!

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