Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Oh We Are Having A Great Time

At the airport

Hugs for Leona as many remembered her.

The morning class gave us corn! 

But Theo loves his cassava root!

Great corn!

Purple cob.

Class each got one too.

Leona sharing

A try on of the outfit for Leona, will be needing a few alterations. A skirt is being made for Liz.
 The afternoon class gave us African Milk tea and buns!
Hugs for Liz in the PM class as she needed a nap, but they weren't going to leave until seeing her.

The troupe that came to the road with us to stay with us till we got a ride!

This happens to be the only picture (right now) I have of very few of the gifts that we received from family and friends. There is so much more and we are very blessed to be loved by so many of you. Don't you just love Alphonsine's sweater, it goes very well with her nice fluffy slippers!!! Now she will be warm!

Thanks Leona and Liz for bringing gifts from yourselves and for other people.

We are so blessed, Thank you God for family and friends and for Your Love to us.

Leona and Liz are being so welcomed into Rwanda and the small community here. They are having a great time and will be busy every day that they are here.


  1. Love you all!! Enjoy your time together!