Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year's Eve and Day

 Christian and Anne are game players. They brought games with them. We have had an opportunity to play with them, but that is small to the amount of time we spend together. Mostly the guys are working on the outdoor oven, which happens to be in both our interests. They would love to try it out too. Hoping that soon we will be able to do that before my sister comes around the 20th of this month!!! Yikes that is coming up fast!
Anyway we spent New Year's Eve over at their house, dinner and a game - Ticket To Ride.
Lots of fun!
 New Year's Day we went to church and had a great time of fellowship, sharing about 2013. 
Peter shared a small bit from scripture.
Then we went home and rested until Peter was called to go to another church here in Nyagatare and share with married couples.
Peter bought olives for me in Kigali the last time we were there and so I opened them and found they aren't quite like the ones in Canada.

It's back to school tomorrow and then we leave for Kigali again. We were hoping not to have to go in again until we pick up Leona. But the YWAM base has decided that they would like to commission the "Mutare" missionaries. Right now that is the four of us, Christian, Anne, Peter and I. Near the end of January there will be three more couples joining in. I believe that is the time of arrival. One of the couples have children. Seems that all but one of the couples will be living in Nyagatare.

Other news, the guardhouse is still not finished, suppose to have it done on Monday.
We've planted papaya seeds, orange seeds and there is still the corn to harvest. The lemon grass is doing great as well as the cabbage. We didn't get as many cucumbers this time. But the mangoes made up for all of the other losses.

It truly has been a great Year!

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