Saturday, January 25, 2014

Liz Teaches Embroidery And Other Things

The day started with moist in the air and very foggy, so the ride to work was cool and damp.

Even Leona and Liz wore their jackets!
 Liz taught a few embroidery stitches, and the students really were eager to learn!
They really loved it and did a great job!
Eppy did some on her own mat.
Leona finishing hers.
Theo work on his in the morning and in the afternoon he worked on Liz's skirt.
I made some hot pads out of left overs from the mats. I'm thinking that I will get production to do some!!!
Waiting for a ride home.
Alphonsine had the 'day off' because Leona wanted to cook our evening meal! Very delicious Alfredo pasta with veggies, ham and cheese!
Veggies from the market on Thursday!
Alphonsine got a hold of the camera.

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