Saturday, December 14, 2013

Money Talks

Well, money works for us!

Got us some action anyway,
 We were so tired of hearing,
"We will come on Monday."

"We will come on Wednesday."

"We will come on Friday."

"We will be there on Monday."

Finally, we emailed the landlord and said,
"We will deposit only 3/5ths of the rent,
the rest will come when the guardhouse is finished."

Then we heard,
"We will be there on Wednesday."
No one shows on Wednesday.
"We will come on Thursday."
No one shows on Thursday. 
(Which is what we've been hearing for the last month!
They started on Oct. 16th and said then that it'd be two weeks and they'd be finished!)
"We will come on Friday and Sunday, and it will be finished."
They came Friday.
Alphonsine uses my phone,
(I had stayed home to rest)
 to call Joseph,
(he's the guy in charge of maintenance)
to see what is going on for sure - I don't even know what she called him for really!
They started moving the dirt,
 to where it will be most useful.
 One of the workers
 (there is three of them now)
 went to get the door and window,
(which wasn't done two weeks earlier because the guy was in Uganda)
and he comes back with no door or window.
Reports to Alphonsine that there wasn't enough money paid to get it.
Okay, so that's nothing but the usual report!

Don't know what happened but later - there was the door and the window.
 They work on finishing the floor,
and put in the door and window.
 They all leave about 5 or 5:30 PM.
Joseph comes about 5:45 PM,
sees the work that is done.
"Monday, I will come and check again.
Tuesday I will bring the glass for the door and window and finish everything."
They still have the trimming to do around the door and the window.
And (maybe) some kind of a cement pad in front of the door.
But we have it this far!
the waiting game is on again,
the suspense.........

Now it's time to look for a full time guard!

Okay, got that off my chest,
I need to quit complaining!
Sorry, please forgive me.

What I should have said....
 "Always rejoice,
constantly pray,
in everything give thanks.
For this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Please help me to be more joyful,
please help me to be more prayerful,
Lord, please help me to trust you more.
please help me to be more thankful.
Thank you for keeping us safe during this time.
This is Your will for my life.
Thank you Heavenly Father,
for the workers that came to work on the guardhouse.

 God has been so good to us. He is always there for us. We do have nothing to fear as He is always watching out for us. He has kept us safe. He has provided for us all our needs.  We see Him working in the ministry more than we have ever imagined. I can't believe (but I do) the help others have shown and given for His ministry over here. The help that comes from others just mentioning it to their friends, co-workers, and family. The ministry is so much more than what I imagined it would be when we first came over here. 

"I know that God has called me to start a sewing school,
to help women learn to sew, so they can provide for their families."

That's all I knew when we first came over here. It's so much more than that now. After one and a half years, we are seeing women with machines in their own homes, sewing for themselves and others and providing for their families.

"I don't have to hoe in the fields anymore."
 (Usually with a baby tied to their backs.)

Some have machines, and others are putting the money
 they have made from the bag sales, toward a machine!
It's very exciting to see them work toward that.
I had a teaching day, to a selected few this week, to show them how to sew two more different bags.
They, in turn, showed the ones that came the next day (a regular sewing day) how to sew them.
This was for the production crew only.
I'll have to get on some more items to sew to show them, as they learn quickly.

As I write, I look out the window at our yard.
The beautifully groomed lawn,
the productive vegetable garden,
the mango tree laden with mangoes,
the almost finished guardhouse,
and the almost finished outdoor oven.
God is so good to us.

Money Talks!
I wouldn't have been able to finish the last part of this post without saying that, if it wasn't for God providing the money through "YOU" (those of you who have financially supported us)
and through "YOUR" prayers (those of you who have supported us through prayers)
we wouldn't be here doing what HE wants us to do.
What a pleasure it has been to see God working in the lives HERE,
 AND in Canada and USA.
 Thank You LORD GOD!

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