Saturday, November 2, 2013

Visitors From Canada And Other Things

 We ride moto every morning and Harry and Branden didn't mind that at all!
 Branden wanted to learn to sew, so we gave him paper like all the other students when they started.
 Harry shared from scripture using clothing as the object - 
they all listened very closely to what he had to say!
 Theo then taught about measuring some one for a skirt.
 Branden graduated to sewing with material and cut out a cloth heart to sew!
 Branden taking a break and played with the children on the street, just out front of the classroom.
 Branden's finished heart!!! Not too bad for only a few hours of treadling!
 Everyone has to pose with their finished product.
 Afternoon class of teaching by Theo.
 Eppy's little girl, baby dress!
 Francine's baby dress.
 Rosene's baby dress.
The classes were given Canadian flags, they just loved it!
 Esther's second baby dress!
Claudine's baby dress.
Latifa's baby dress.
 Adeline's baby dress. She is due in January and will not be finishing with the rest, but she is very excited about sewing. I'm sure her baby will be well dressed!

Theo is now taking over the teaching on the most part. He starts with skirts, which are the easiest. 
I asked the students if they were excited about sewing skirts and if it was easier than the bags, 
they all agreed. They seem to be very excited about making a 'garment' now. 
A lot of the bags were teaching them different techniques that they will use later. 
The first skirt, an A-line with pleat in the back, is all straight stitching and they are finding it easy, along with learning how to measure someone and then putting it together to fit that person 
(or themselves) perfectly. They will learn how to put in a zipper, and a waistband. 
Each step is checked by Theo and myself, and they are marked as they go along. 
I'm even making a skirt along with the students, showing how to put in the zipper and waistband.
Theo is great when it comes to fitting, measuring, and styles!

When I think back to our first classes we started in Aug. 2012, I'm horrified. 
I know the students learned something but not to the extent that these ones are. 
And yet the first group is out there and doing business, 
and it is just great to hear that some are sewing for themselves and for others. 

With our visit from Harry and Branden, Peter is getting excited about helping the graduates 
get their own machines. I love to see this happen but it's not my thing, 
I just love to teach the skill of sewing, but they do need to have a machine!!! 
So this is very exciting.

Also Harry took all the bags I had sitting here to Canada and will be selling them. 
This is also encouraging for us and the students that their stuff is being sold 
and that they will be closer to purchasing a machine if that is their desire!!!

It is so rewarding to be here and doing this. 
I do not regret one day of it. 
God has been good to us and life has been great, 
since we made the decision to follow Him here to Rwanda.

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