Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Update on House

Last Wednesday, we took a ride over to see the progress on Franswa's house before class started.
 We took the shortcut trails over there,
 and through some villages where the children all wave at us.
 There is a bit to finish at the top here.
 And the bricks here to do it.
 Otherwise, it's pretty much ready to be coated with plaster on the inside and out.
 On the way back I got some pictures. Here is a bean crop with a bit of corn/maize in it.
 And a crop of corn/maize with a bit of beans in it. All looking really green from the rains.
 And of course with the rains brings puddles.
Saves on not having to go all the way to the 'creek' to get water!!!!
 We went past the church and preschool on our way back.
 And stopped to see the progress on the new sewing school.
The doors and window frames are in, but not the glass. There is the power to be put in and a few other things like the floor, plaster and paint to be done.

These are projects that have been started and are gradually getting finished. If you are feeling that God is prompting you to give to them, please let us know. Or you can go to the tab above, marked "Ashes To Worship Ministry (Rwanda)" and it will give you info on how to send it.

We are praising God for the way His work is going on here. We are more and more encouraged by hearing about the first students we taught are finding sewing jobs and working in their own homes. This is exactly what He wanted us to do. Teach the skill of sewing, so they can have money for the things they need. Some things they need is money to go see the doctor when they are sick. We have one student right now that is suffering from stepping on a nail and needs to buy salt to soak her foot in. These are little things that we see and that can help out a family. It is so exciting to see people that are eager to learn in order to help themselves. It makes life here so rich and fulfilling! 

WOW, Thank you God for leading us here!

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