Saturday, November 23, 2013

This Week's Events

Well, this week has been exciting!
We were in Kigali for my appointment, and to buy supplies for the school.
I seem to be running out of material/fabric for the production end of things, which is good!
Anyway, I saw the doc and he ordered more blood tests, as it seems I'm bruising a way to easily, probably due to the medication, which he reduced. Yeah!
Also in talking with my sister, it seems that I may need to add 'fermented meat' to my diet,
which would be the Vit. B12,
which happened promptly upon returning back to Nyagatare.
When we eat in Kigali, we usually get meals with meat in them.
But the tests will tell exactly what is going on.
I have been for some time now, just not having enough energy, (almost a year now).
Just tired, but still not wanting to miss what is going on at the school.
I take a rest on the bed, in our office at work, during the noon hour,
but by the time we get home around 4:30 pm I'm pretty much bushed.
After having a meal of 'cow' (what they call beef here) I seemed to have more energy the next day,
so I'm really hoping that that is the cure for my lack of energy.
I have more often now, and not to my choosing, taken Sat. and Sun. to just rest at home.
Well, Sat. is spent doing what needs doing at home because I don't have time during the week.
So now, I'm starting to not feel so 'guilty', in not attending 'church' every Sunday,
because I'm just plain tired out, and want to be able to save my energy for the week days.
I'm so thankful for Christian podcasts to listen to on Sunday that are an encouragement to me.
Although I just hate missing the Sunday singing, dancing and preaching at our church.

Last week, Nov. 11 to 15th, the production was happening!
There were 11 graduates that came for 5 days (some came as little as 2 days) and made 26 bags.
 This week, Nov. 18 to 22, there were 11 grads, 5 days (again some as little as 2 days) and 32 bags.
 (Theophile was also sewing, when not teaching, and contributed to that count - both weeks.) 
I have assigned two grads to be assistant teachers.
This has lessened my load a lot!
These two ladies, one in the morning, the other in the afternoon,
are doing great at helping those who need it.
This has been an encouragement to me
to see that they are stepping up to the plate in taking this leadership responsibility.
They have been very good at being 'on time' and being there every day!
I just love it, it warms my heart to see them take on this responsibility.
Next on my list is to have them cut their own bags out, right now Peter and I are doing it.

I've been in the meantime, checking all the products that the present students are making,
skirts lately, but soon to be 'button up shirts'.
And on this coming Tues. I'll be showing them how to measure and cut a collar and tab to fit themselves, so they know how to do it for their customers.
I did it with the last set of students, after finding out that all the collared shirts were not fitting the customers at the neck!!! Something needed to be done! So Theo has asked for me to teach it again to these present students. I'm excited! I never knew how before coming to Rwanda, but through Theo's teaching of measuring I've taken it on, to be sure that the shirt fits.
Also (in the meantime) I've been sewing up two different bags than what the production is doing,
and getting 'eyed', and I'm sure they are all just waiting for a chance to sew them too!
I'm thinking that they need to learn to do more than just two styles of bags they are doing now,
but not the same bags that are being produced here in Rwanda. Also, maybe, more than just bags!
So there may be a day of teaching for the production,
or at least the assistant teachers, teacher, and the strong sewers,
to learn a different bag or two in the future before we leave for Canada.
16 machines in use, including Eppy's
 It is very exciting to have almost all of the bags sold that went to Canada.
We have had 3 opportunities to have bags taken to Canada this year.
And so far there are 2 times, where I know, that it will happen next year!!!
So excited! The opportunity for these ladies that have taken the class, 
or are taking the class, is great.

Upon returning from Kigali, we learned that one of our students lost her 3 yr. old child.
She had died in the night and was buried the next day.
It is not an easy life here. Not sure when she will come back to class.

The next day we heard that one of the young single students
is not going to continue with learning to sew.
It's not easy to hear this, as I know they don't have the chance to get a higher education,
and learning a skill can be the chance they need to support themselves.
I pray that God has a better plan for them.

On another note: the guardhouse is still not completed!
Peter is out trimming the hedges, and I need to trim his hair.
The day is half over and there's more to be done.

Thank you God for keeping us safe, healthy, and serving You!
Wouldn't want it any other way!

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  1. I hope the doctor figures it out ....taking care of yourself is most important. Can't help anyone if your not feeling ok. I love you lots. .take care !