Monday, November 4, 2013

Peppers and Chickens

Last Friday, Nov. 1st, after school, and before Alphonsine went home for the weekend, I told her that our one hen Joyce, that was laying, (she has stopped) was sick. She has a cold in her head, makes a snorting sound and shakes her head. "Oh," she said, after thinking that we were talking about Joyce from the church that gave us the hen.  (Got to love the communication here!)  So, off she goes to the flower garden, and gets 'something' from a plant, and proceeds to mush it with a spoon and adds water. "Come" she says.  We go to the chicken pen. I catch Joyce, the rooster got pretty protective about then, and my mind floods back to when I was a child and was chased and pecked by the rooster we once had, but I hold my ground and told him "It's okay we aren't hurting her." Of course once she stops making that "I'm getting killed" squawk, the rooster backs off. Peter is told to open her beak and Alphonsine spoons in a spoonful of the liquid in the bowl. And then does it again. We put Joyce down and we go. The plant is like a "hot chili pepper" but smaller! And there are only seeds inside it because they are so small.
The blossoms.
The little peppers.
The red ones.
The plant.
The plant is covered with these little peppers that are about 1/2 inch to 3/4's of an inch in length, or 1 to 2 cm long. And when you touch the tip of your tongue to a seed, it will be warm to the mouth for about an hour or so!
Alphonsine said that every 2nd night we will do that, because it will be too hard on her digestive system to do it more often. Oh goodie! Well, at least we are growing the cure for her right in our yard! It is one of the plants that Alphonsine brought from the village just after she started living with us about a year ago.
Wow it's been that long! Hardly seems like it.
Well, hopefully we will get our laying hen back to laying soon. We will wait and see, so far today she's doing good!


  1. Mar Salmond PannenbeckerNovember 4, 2013 at 5:53 PM

    Ha, your stories make me giggle. Talking to chickens, spoon feeding them homemade medicine ....

  2. Or you could take one of those anti biotic pills that I gave you and crush it and spoon feed to the chicken. Hopefully it doesn't spread to the rooster!!!