Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

It was a great day!
It started off with Peter and I killing Diana and Momma Esther (okay it turned out that they really were Dan and Poppa Ethan but that's beside the point!). Peter caught them before he let the chickens out for the day and I held them for him while he did the 'deed'. Went in for breakfast and got the water heated. Then Alphonsine and I plucked them. There are pictures for all this but I thought I'd spare you the gore, but if you have to see well let me know. I don't think Alphonsine had gutted chickens before because she just did as I said and I did both of them. Good to have had the past experience in all that!

Thanks Mom! 

So after that I cleaned them and prepared them to be cooked in a pot on the coals. Alphonsine then picked green beans in the garden for our dinner, and there was enough to give three bags away. One will go to the other YWAMers living here in Nyagatare, and the other two will go to our moto drivers in the morning.

 At about 10:30 am Alphonsine and I walked up to the market and bought some more material and sheets for production as they have sewn up all that we had. We also tried to get two more hens to replace the ones we will be eating later today. All the hens were either too expensive (muzungu has money) or they were sickly looking, so we didn't buy any. Got home about 12 noon.
Going to the market takes about 2 hrs. but the chickens were not tender enough for me so we cooked them for another 2 hrs.
Meanwhile I had the material to wash in vinegar to stop the colors from bleeding and at least two sheets needed to be washed for tomorrow for production.
Once it was cooked, we took the meat off the bones and into a heated container ready for dinner. Then we started on the Yellow Golden cake mix. Got it into a pot and started cooking it on the coals. It was too hot and started to burn so Alphonsine took some coals out and made it just right.
It turned out okay, just a little layer burnt on the bottom. But before it was done we got the pumpkin pie started, no crust, which is healthier! Good thing we have two coal burners, because the cake took about 1 1/2 hrs, and the pie about 2 hrs.

A thunder storm came up and we ran for the clothesline to get the material, before it got wet, which turned out to be dry anyway.
Then we had the gravy to make using the drippings from cooking the chickens and the packages. I think it was when we were cooking the cake and pie that it struck Alphonsine that "mommy" does know how to cook and that what I was cooking smelled very tasty! (Even if the cooking was out of the 'box'!) We also opened the can of cranberries, with a knife, going to have to get a can opener I guess, and put it in a container with a lid.
After that we had a break. It was about 4 pm and Peter would only be leaving the school. We had the instant potatoes and stuffing to do but that was just adding boiling water and took like 1 to 5 minutes. I told Alphonsine that we should taste the cake and pie to see if they were going to be good. She said that she had dishes to do (and we'd dirtied a lot) but I told her sit, boil water and we would have tea with the cake and pie. She was okay with that being that I'm 'not eating' enough right now for her liking and that "mommy' is getting 'smaller', so she was okay with seeing that I was going to eat more.

 Yum, Yum!
Of course the cake and pie were great, and after all we'd been doing today it didn't hurt.
I'd been playing christmas music all afternoon on my phone and it was really nice to have it playing.
Peter got home about 5pm and we waited for Christian and Anne, the YWAMers, to come and get their beans and we visited awhile.
After that it was the stuffing and the potatoes to add boiling water to and then sit down and eat!
After a few photos,

we dished up and were stuffed. Made a plate up for Alphonse our guard - and gave it to him after he got over the shock of two chickens missing, (he locks them in when he gets here) and that we'd had them for dinner! Shared the pictures with him, Alphonsine did all the talking as he knows hardly any English at all.
We have so many things to be Thankful for, I hope you all do too. God is so good!
And Thanks Harry and Diane for the Thanksgiving dinner!


  1. I can only imagine Peter's face when he came home to the cake and pie missing!!! It looks delicious and I'll bring a can opener....Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the music because all the stores are playing it.

  2. Happiest of Thanksgivings!