Saturday, November 30, 2013

Baa Baa Black Sheep . . . Three Bags Full

Baa, baa, black sheep,
Have you any wool?
Yes, sir, yes, sir,
Three bags full;
One for the master,
And one for the dame,
And one for the little boy
Who lives down the lane.
Okay, so what's up with the nursery rhyme you ask!
Well, the production end of things at the sewing school is going great.
After 3 weeks of sewing, they have produced "Three Bags Full" of bags!

November 11th was when we started and at the end of that week we had 26 bags.
Eight graduates working 1 to 5 days,
produced 3 Large bags, 12 shoulder bags, 9 bags with straps, and 2 makeup bags.

the second week 11 grads produced 32 bags.
4 Large bags, 7 shoulder bags, 15 bags with straps, and 6 makeup bags.

and at the end of this week they had 36 bags finished,
3 Large bags, 13 shoulder bags, 9 bags with straps, and 11 makeup bags.
A total of  94 bags in three weeks!!!
Good work team!

We have just about sold all the bags that are in Canada.
And we are hoping that more will go around the first of February.
THANKS to all of you who have helped in getting the bags to Canada!
THANKS to those who have transported them to where they are being sold!
THANKS to those of who sold them,
And THANKS to those who bought them and supported the people who made them.

At first Peter and I were cutting out all the bags,
but with the speed that they are sewing them it is just too much for us.
We have decided,
(against their choosing - I asked them who would like to be a 'cutter' and no one wanted the job)
to get them to cut out their own bags that they sew.
They are going to have to learn anyway, so it's for their own good for them to know how.
And this last week they have been doing it with Peter's supervision.
He's doing a super job and so are they!
And it's really lessened my load.
We also have two "supervisors" or maybe what you'd call "assistant teachers",
one in the morning and one in the afternoon,
to be a 'helper' to those who need it when sewing the bags.
They have been doing it now for about the 3 weeks and have turned out to be great at it!
I can not say enough about the job they are doing in helping others and sewing their own bags on top of that, and they are producing just as much as those they are helping!
So we are doing great at getting them to be self sufficient before we head to Canada in April.
There are a few things that will have to be taught about the business end of things,
and we are trusting God He will direct us and those that will be involved in that.

But going back to the bags, that isn't all that we want them to sew.
We have some other ideas of things to make in the next few months.
We want to be 'armed' with a lot of goodies for our trip to and visit in Canada and USA.
Pray with us that God will continue to direct us. We want to be listening to Him to tell us what to do and how to help the ones here to be most productive. We want them to see how God leads us, so that they will know when God talks to them, they need to listen and be obedient.

This past week we have been teaching the new class 
how to measure and sew a collar and tab to fit themselves.
Theo has reassured me that it's not the way I taught it,
but we just don't know why they aren't getting it.
Maybe after the weekend and everyone 'sleeping on it' they will do better this coming week.
I'm hoping and praying.
Maybe it's not them, but that the LORD wants to teach me something . . .
Pray for me that I'll keep my ears open to His still small voice,
so that I don't have to learn a lesson the hard way!
One for my MASTER . . .

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