Saturday, October 12, 2013

The rest of the week and Thanksgiving

The morning class working on their Buttonhole bag, 
the size that will hold their cellphone if they own one.
Peter had bought a soccer ball in Kigali long ago, and has it for the kids.
They have been playing quite a bit lately just out front of the sewing school on the street.
 The afternoon class working on their buttonhole bag.
 This is how far they has gotten on the guardhouse this week! 
Moved the rocks, by hand - two guys, from outside the gate to near where they will build it. 
Took them one day, and that's what they accomplished this week. (It's a slow process!)
 The AM class working on the shoulder bag.
The six students are coming regular and on time.
They are very excited in learning.
 Sewing the first seams.

Theo is a great help, and Eppy is too. They have both become very good at helping with the teaching of the bags and other projects I have for the students. Both Theo and Eppy are sewing the items also, which is good, because when we are gone they will be able to teach it. I really think that the time away in September was a good learning experience for Theo and Eppy. 

Peter and Theo have also learned more about the treadle machine, as we have students, past and present, bringing in their secondhand machines that they own, and getting us to fix them. We will have some parts to buy in Kigali the next time we go.

This last three weeks have been tough. We do not have 20 new students this time around, we have only 12, six in each class that are regular. More signed up but they have either not shown up or they have quit. That, and having to prepare for our time in Canada makes it more stressful for us. I'm glad that it is looking like Theo and Eppy can take over. I'm also thinking that this will be our best class yet, as we are continually getting better at teaching the basics of sewing. They want to learn how to do the elaborate embroidery work on clothes, but they need to know the basics first. 

It's tough also, because I'm torn about leaving here and going to Canada.
I want both, to stay and to go. I love it here, but I'm missing family so much. 
Just thinking about the things I missed in Canada in the last year and half . . . .
birth of Katie Anne
birth of Axle
my sister Betty's passing
missing the family reunion
Christmas and all the food & fellowship that goes with that
rich "sinful" food (you know the kind - desserts and whatnot)

And each day here is like - "I'm so going to miss that when we go to Canada." . . . .
the warm temperatures (really going to miss that)
"muzungu" - okay maybe I won't miss that
the fresh vegetables and fruits
the markets - I'll really miss that - and I need to go shopping on Thursday!
the music and dancing
the monthly trips to Kigali
our garden
our chickens
her cooking
her cleaning
her making sure we look smart
riding the moto everyday
our moto drivers
ohhhhhhhh . . . . . . . .

I shouldn't do this to myself.
I confess I'm homesick.
But it looks like it won't matter where I am, I'll be homesick for the other.
Well, that being the case, the best is to embrace what I can, to remember it and take lots of pictures.
I even taped 8 minutes of singing and dancing at church on Sunday, to treasure when we are retired and can't come back here. We will definitely miss "celebrating God" the way they do here! 

And as I type, I'm not so sure I'll miss these mirrored windows.
The birds are either fighting their mirrored image,
or flying into the window, injuring or killing themselves!
 One good thing about the windows, when the chickens were free roaming, they would wait for the bugs to hit the window, get dazed and drop.

Six months more of gathering memories!
Can hardly wait to see what God has in store for those six months,
and the four months in Canada and USA.
He has been so good to us, we are so blessed to be serving Him here.
There are so many things to be Thankful for this weekend.
Thank you Lord God!

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