Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Monday To Friday Routine

Just thought I'd let some of you know our daily routine for those of you who are curious!

We get up at 5 AM for Devo's.
About 5:30 AM Alphonse, our guard leaves.
At 6:30 AM Alphonsine has our breakfast ready. Pancakes, honey, cinnamon and bananas.
Don, Jackson and Peter
7 AM the moto drivers are here to pick us up at the gate to take us to the sewing school at Ryabega. We have a monthly contract with them.
They will come in at the beginning of the month to sign it and we have a time of prayer!

At 8:30 AM we start the class with prayer and 1/2 hr. of Bible teaching.
9 AM we start teaching them to sew.
 11:50 AM the selected students (from both classes) clean 
the classroom for the afternoon class, and we pray.

Noon - Peter eats what Alphonsine has pack for him, and I rest on the bed we have in the office. 
(I used to eat but I just have got to stop gaining! 
Makes for one SAD Alphonsine, 
but I can't continue to get more clothes either!!! 
She'll get over it I think!!)

Repeat the Bible teaching for the afternoon class at 1 PM.
1:30 PM we teach them to sew.
3:50 PM alarm goes off to sweep and put things away, and a time of prayer.

Around 4:05 PM, Peter and I head to the road (about two blocks away) to catch a ride home.
The ride can be from the big buses, or taxi van, or 
a private vehicle or sometimes a moto, or other vehicle.
 Today was the Milk Truck.
We get home about 4:45 PM and do a few things 
- internet, wash, feed chickens, see how much they have progress on the guardhouse, etc.

At 6 PM we have dinner, cooked by Alphonsine, 
after she has cleaned the house for us, 
and washed our clothes by hand,  
three tubs - one wash, two rinses, and hangs them, 
brings them in after they are dry if it hasn't rained, 
irons them and puts them in our room for us to put away. 
(Yeah that's about all we do for work around the house during the week!)

6:30 PM - the phone rings to let us know that Alphonse is back 
to babysit, oh, I mean, guard for the night!!! (hee, hee)

7 PM we sit with Alphonsine 
and have a time of prayer before we head to the bath 
(if there's water) and bed!!!

9 PM, my eyes can't stay open any longer, and Peter's soon to follow.

Well that's about how our weekdays run. 

God is so faithful and 
we can not thank Him enough for the safety 
He has given us over the last year and a half!


  1. Shirlene Scherle HenningOctober 30, 2013 at 6:10 AM

    A day full of blessings.

  2. Marlene PannenbeckerOctober 30, 2013 at 6:18 AM

    That is a busy day ...nothing easy is there? Do you do this 5days a week