Monday, October 28, 2013

Lots Happening at the Sewing School

We've been working at getting Shoulder bags, and Zippered bags, and Baby dresses made. We started with the shoulder bags about 3 weeks ago and just progress with the items as needed. All students are working at their own pace, so that means some are done before others. I waited on the shoulder bags and zippered bags, to get a class picture, so others have already finished their Baby dress too. The baby dresses are so cute! 3 sizes of rectangles put together just right - and you have a dress!
Esther's Baby dress.
Pascasie's baby dress.
The PM Class with their shoulder bags! Very happy and proud group!
AM Class with their shoulder bags, with Eppy - she's been doing some sewing with translating this time and it is working very well!
AM Class with their Zippered bags, Eppy's still working on hers.
Floratine's baby dress.
Shemusa's baby dress.
Margueritte's baby dress.
Xaverine with her baby.
Oh, and this was a surprise! Xaverine was in the first class that we ran. She dropped in today, we had fixed on her machine and she came to pay us. She is now working at home making clothes, mending clothes and doing some sewing. She is making 'good money' with her skill, and said, "No more going to the fields to hoe!" She is one happy person!!! A real success story, I was so glad to hear about!!!
PM Class with zippered bags.
More baby dresses to come. Theo will be teaching soon his part of the school, so there will be more pictures to come with that too!

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  1. Diane, those baby dresses are so cute. Those brightly colored ones would sell here, along with the purses, don't you think? They are adorable....absolutely love the colors.