Saturday, October 26, 2013

Long Due For A Post

 A week of pictures!
On Saturday, the 19th, we headed into Kigali, and our first stop after the trip in, is to go to J Lynn's (formerly ABC). They serve the best Breakfast Burrito. And the atmosphere is so peaceful and lots of white people there. Serge and Jen are the owners now and they are a great couple! Picture is empty of people because we were there til almost closing - 2 pm. But it is a beautiful spot.
the city,
busy, busy, busy!
We were taken to this place to buy souvenirs the first time we were in Rwanda, May 2010.
We "happened" to ride past it on our last trip into Kigali when the moto drivers were taking us to where we were staying. It was exciting for both of us to know it was so close!
It is ONE of many places you can get a WIDE variety of crafts.
We went one day and ran out of RWF, said we'd be back tomorrow. 
So then I took pics of the stall we made promises too. Faces and number!
 There is so much! We have made plans ahead, to buy for family
and friends for our trip back to Canada, a little each month. 

We were able to pick up parts for the sewing machines, and got that done on Saturday.
And we picked up groceries and other supplies that we can't get in Nyagatare - like popcorn!!!
While in Kigali, we had a call from friends. They were taking a trip out to Nyagatare with some of their belongings and were wondering if we would like a ride out, and could they leave their stuff at our house until they move into theirs around November 4th.
What a blessing!
As it happened, the Doctor I was to see was out of the country. 
We found that out on Monday, the day before my appointment. It worked out that we could see the Medical Officer, and we got more medication for me until my appointment in November. And we had bought too many things to take back with us on the bus.
God is so good, His plans are above ours, and He knows what we need before we need it!!!
 Upon getting back we caught the workers building again on the guardhouse.
This was Tuesday, and they hadn't been able to work until now because of rain.
 By evening they had this much done.
The next day - Wednesday - this much!
Friday, the PM Class had all their shoulder bags finished. I had kept them in our office until they were all finished. So here's the happy smiles of the 6 students with their bags, eager to take them home and show them off to their families. I'm hoping that by Monday the AM Class will have theirs all completed. Some are working on the small bag, and other who have finished that, are working on a baby dress! Pictures to come of those when they are finished! They are doing so well, and they deserve to be proud of their accomplishments!
Peter gave them a test on the teachings that he is giving and all of them did very well!
 Got home on Friday, and the workers had the tin on the roof! They will not be working again until Tuesday next week. It is looking very good and we will be glad when we can hire a guard to live in it!
The chickens are doing well. One hen is laying an egg every day or so. The others should be starting soon. The five little chicks are getting bigger but being pecked on my the older ones. (Mostly I see it when there is food in the pen - I guess that's what they call "Pecking order"! Just checked - Yep!)

So 'Thankful' for our house keeper Alphonsine! Without her we would be much more tired after a days work! I can't imagine 'doing' my day with out her. She makes our life here easier! And the big bear hug that I get upon coming home each evening tells me she prays for us while we are gone, and that we have returned safely!!! With all the accidents that happen in this 'little country' with 'millions' of people, I'm only beginning to understand her prayers/cares about us each day! She is a "God send" for us! She wants to learn to drive and get a vehicle to drive us around from place to place too! Her English is improving each week too.

Well, it's Saturday, and there is lots to do that Alphonsine can't do. She is goes home on Friday's and comes back on Sunday afternoon/evenings to take care of us again for the week. We have things we want to do or have to do, like online banking, etc. when she is gone.

For you, our supporters, I am so thankful. We know that God's work here would not be going on if it wasn't for you. Praise the Lord with us for His goodness and faithfulness. He is providing for all the needs and we know the people here are very grateful for this ministry work God has placed us in. It is very exciting to see the smiles and receive the hugs from many who receive God's blessings!


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    Love your blogs. God"s love is in every word you share.