Sunday, October 6, 2013


Coming home from church we see a lot of scenery, and have time for a few photos!
Everything is so green, and there's so many shades of green. Banana green, grass green, glue tree green, mango tree green, maize green, bean green, need it go on? ..... Okay, there's lettuce green, pea green, Aloe vera green, pineapple green, sugar cane green, papaya green, cabbage green, carrot top greens, onion greens, celery green, ground cover green, daisy flower green, pumpkin green, shrub yellow-green, and all the other trees that grow here! It is so beautiful!
Cows going to get water, Oh and algae green on the water.
This tree used to be our shade on the way home from church, as we wait for a taxi-van. Someone cut the branches off sometime on Thursday as I noticed on the way to school on Friday it was like this.
 Our yard is looking very nice. Peter planted seeds, vegetables and flowers, every where there was dirt - even along all the paths you see in the picture above! This will be our last growing season, and we figured we might as well plant all the seeds. If they all produce we will have LOTS to share!!! Oh and if you can see the two mounds of dirt by the gate - that is because they are (the landlord is) going to be building a 'guard house' (in the back corner by the toilet/shed) on Monday - tomorrow!!!!

Today at church I took a video (8 minutes in length) of the church singing and praising God. I'm thinking that we will be missing that 'kind' of fellowship when we are in Canada. Just had to capture what we have come accustom to. But I am also missing the "Good Old Hymns" too!!! Seems like now that we are planning our trip home, I'm thinking in two worlds, - want to go home to Canada, but also wanting to stay here in Rwanda, which has begun to feel like home-away-from-home! And I try not to think about it because if I dwell on it too much I start to cry. And I'm not so sure I really understand what I'm weeping about - staying here, going home, once home - want to come back?!?!?!

There is so much more to do here and we have helped so few. We really are seeing God starting to change the ministry into something that they can run here on their own, but not quite yet. We are seeing though that there are those that will be in charge and put the sewing machines to go use while we are in Canada next year. It really is exciting to see the way that is going and in the next six months I can hardly wait to see what God has in plan for all that. The weeks we took off in September was a trial period and both of us were impressed with the way things were handled.

God only knows and we trust Him to do His work in the lives here. Again I can hardly wait to see!!!!


  1. Marlene PannenbeckerOctober 7, 2013 at 6:27 AM

    I want to come visit so badly ........maybe next year