Monday, October 28, 2013

Cash Wallet

This country is such a cash society!
One has a hard time keeping everything straight!
So I've been working on my own designs and ended up going online for a pattern!
 Peter liked this one right off, and started using it on Friday.
 This one is okay and 'accordian pleats' on the ends. Too long and not a favorite.
 This is a 3 pocket one.
And this one is from online, put together the way I wanted it, and had materials for.

Below is the same cash wallet done following the instructions!
I made it at school today while the students are working on their projects.
Got interrupted lots, but still got it done.
It turned out beautifully, and Peter is now trying this one. 
Xaverine was there after I completed it, she wants to come back and take more classes to learn how to make it too. The other students wanted to know when I would teach them to sew it. Not in the plans right now but maybe toward the end of the six months, will have to wait and see!

Yeah, it  will be nice to use this one!


  1. you could almost teach them about budgeting with that wallet. The last one is great. I see you will need more zippers if you are going to teach this bag. Hugs. LK

  2. I loved it!!!
    Yes lots of zippers.

  3. Joanne Marie Wiebe FriesenOctober 29, 2013 at 6:13 AM

    Hi Diane, I like your blog site, but the wallet would not work for me. I need more room for cards